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Labradorite is a beautiful stone and it makes this particular cabochon a very nice piece. I’m happy with it.
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I received a gorgeous blue flash Labradorite and HC was very helpful in trying to accommodate my request. I recommend this crystal.
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I bought the one that listed as a special item - a hole was drilled in the stone. What it didn't say was that the hole was drilled from side to side not back to front which is usual. The flash looked nothing like the pictures. Maybe I will try and order the one without the hole drilled in it as those may be the nicer ones and are pictured on the site.
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I love the Labradorite that was chosen for me. I have a large slab, and ordered this one to carry around in my pocket if necessary. Both the slab and this stone have a beautiful iridescent color. Thank you.
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Cabochons - Labradorite Cabochon "Free-Form" (India)    [CCABLAB]

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