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Faden Quartz Crystal  is a stone of activation, meditation, and information.

Faden crystals are identified by the milky feather like line within the structure which usually runs through the crystal.  The line represents the seed point of growth and these particular crystals have the ability to activate new growth within oneself or within someone you may be working with, utilizing healing energy.

This crystal is also a great aid for those who are seeking Truth. It can also be used to enhance telepathic activities.  Faden Quartz can assist to achieve a deepened meditative state, which can also bring great insights into the unknown.  Meditating with these higher vibration stones can facilitate attunement with the Earth's energies and communication with higher realms.

Many Tabby Quartz, the Faden included, have a notch located along the edge of the crystal.  Rubbing this notch with the finger can provide information and insight to the holder. 

Faden Quartz Crystal is associated with ALL Chakras. It corresponds with the astrological energy of Scorpio and Aries, and resonates to the numerical vibration of 2.

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Posted on June 24, 2010
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