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Amazonite is very helpful to clear all sorts of energy blockages. Amazonite also helps to balance the Yin and Yang (male/female) energies. Amazonite is a wonderful piece to hold when feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or aggravated. It will help to soothe irritation and calm stress/tension.

Meditating with Amazonite opens the higher consciousness to messages and information from guides, guardians and angels. When used with the Third Eye, Amazonite will help to open intuition and psychic vision.  When used with the Heart and Throat Chakras, Amazonite enhances loving and truthful communications/expression.

Use Amazonite to block geopathic stress as well as electromagnetic pollution emitted from computers, microwaves, or cell phones. 

Amazonite is a stone of Inspiration, Expression and Balance. It works best with the Heart, Throat, Thymus and Third Eye Chakras. Amazonite is associated with the numerical vibration of 5 and the Astrological sign of Virgo.

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Posted on January 18, 2010
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