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Wednesday 08/12/15

Your brain could be working against you today with Mercury and Neptune in an Opposition.  Mercury produces logical, productive thoughts while Neptune encourages dreams and wandering minds.  They will be working against each other during this transit and you will feel the consequences with potentially detrimental ideas.  You won’t be thinking logically and there will be the propensity toward negative, self-deprecating thoughts.  You will need to be proactive when it comes to managing these thoughts because you don’t want to allow them to take hold and turn into regretful actions. Black Tourmalinewill enable you to turn those negative feelings into positive ones.  Use White Aventurineto be able to logically see when something isn’t true and effectively eliminate those thoughts from your mind.

Number of the day: 2

It may not always seem like it but the Universe has your back.  The energy of 2 and Botswana Agate  encourages you to realize that you are never alone.

Thursday 08/13/15

Can you feel the excitement in the air?  You won’t have to look far for the source of it because it is all coming from you!  This is your reaction to today’s Sun/Uranus Trine which is bringing us a fabulously enthusiastic flow of energy.   You want to create some excitement and abundance in your life and you will be willing to explore fresh ideas and try new ways of doing things.  You appreciate and fully enjoy what you currently have going on in your life but the spirit of the day will drive you to move beyond that comfort zone.  Good things are ahead and you want to take advantage of the revolutionary atmosphere to take a risk and follow any opportunities that come your way.  Later in the day the Sun moves into a transit with Chiron that could result in a bout of low self-esteem and self-doubt.  You can let this stop you in your tracks or you can push past it and let it make you stronger.  You know which one to choose so carry Citrine to reinforce your dedication.  Pink Aventurine will amplify the spark that you are creating in your life.

Number of the day:  3

When you feel stress from fears of not being perfect take 3 slow breaths - in and out - and feel the comforting energy of 3.  Honey Calcite reminds you that your will to be perfect means that you already are!

Friday 08/14/15       

Did you wake up feeling frustrated but determined to succeed no matter what all at the same time!  You’re feeling the effects of a Saturn/Pluto Semi-Square that occurred last night.  This transit drives you to bring positive change into your life but at the same time throws blockades in the way that seem impossible to break through and possibly not worth the effort.  It may feel as if an all-out battle is the only way to achieve your desired outcome but you need to be cautious that you don’t allow that confrontational attitude to show in your interactions with others.  It will get you nowhere and discourage others from joining your cause.  If a battle is required it is likely an internal struggle where you will need to decide if you are willing to forge ahead or let your dreams go.  This is a powerful transit that will give you the confidence you need to know that you will succeed.  Flexibility will be required so work with Chrysopraseto help you think on your feet.  Carnelianstrengthens your will and determination.

 Number of the day: 4

Use the powerful energy of 4 to build...either from scratch or upon what you have already started.  Tiger Eye will help you to begin - even if that means you begin again.

Saturday 08/15/15

The Sun and Venus are Conjunct and it is that kind of day where you want to put aside other concerns and allow yourself the luxury of thinking only of yourself.  When was the last time that you thought solely of what you want and what makes you happy?  It is natural that we often need to put other responsibilities ahead of ourselves but today’s energy will make it a challenge to think of anything beyond what matters to you.  Don’t waste time feeling guilty and go with it because you need to take care of yourself in order to be able to give to others.  Instead focus your energy on your passions and enjoy those things that bring you pleasure.  Venus is retrograde so this is a particularly helpful transit to gain insight into what is (and isn’t) bringing value to your life.  Is what you get out of the material things and activities in your life worth what you are putting into them?  If the answer is not a positive one then it may be time for a change and this self-realization could be your first step.  Blue Kyanitewill help you to gain meaningful insights. Smokey Quartzencourages you to just relax and do what makes you happiest all day!

Number of the day: 5

Now is the time for courage and adventure.  5 wants you to feel the excitement of the un-explored so do something different and bring Green Tourmaline along to finds new ways to indulge your curiosity.

Sunday 08/16/15

You may find it difficult to pay attention to what is going on right in front of you as you experience the lingering effects of a Mercury/Pluto Trine that occurred yesterday.  These are two very influential planets and they will be directing your focus deeply inward and far outward beyond your physical senses.  Their purpose is to give insight and awareness that is not easily attainable when you are caught up in the business of life.  If it is possible try to disconnect from your daily distractions for a while and allow yourself to be open to receiving guidance from your higher self and other sources.  Mercury is also working with Uranus and that will stimulate your creativity so you can expect innovative thoughts and breakthrough ideas to surface.  Today will bring opportunities for personal and material growth so you really want to actively tune in to this energy.  Amethyst can help you shut the world and get the quiet time that you need.  Meditate with Azurite to avail yourself of messages and insights that you are just waiting for you to recognize and accept them.

Number of the day: 6

Give yourself a break and feel the gentler parts of your nature.  6 is about enjoying the simple comforts that don't take any effort.  Apophyllite will allow you to remember things that you love but haven't done for a while....and then encourage you to go and do them.

Monday 08/17/15

You will take everything very personally today and it will be so easy to feel as if everything that comes at you is a direct assault.  It is not.  It is Mars and Chiron in a tense transit that surfaces both our aggressiveness and our insecurities simultaneously.  You’ve probably guessed this is not a good mix and you could spend most of the day reacting out of fear.  Unless you take active steps to be calm and realistic you are sure to exhibit destructive behaviors.  If you find you are being too self-critical or feel the urge to become combative with others then it is time to walk away and take a time-out.  Use the energy to recognize what triggers these kinds of self-defeating feelings and find constructive ways of releasing the pent up stress.  Pietersitewill help you manage your anger whether it is directed inward or outward. Carry Bloodstonefor grounding and to help you see the reality behind each situation that you face as the day progresses.

Number of the day: 7

7 gives us the strength to believe.  You may not think that requires strength but faith can be hard to hold on to when challenges are everywhere.  Celestite will help you to recover any that you have lost.

Tuesday 08/18/15

Early tomorrow Uranus and Chiron are in a Semi-Sextile and you will realize just how much you have grown psychically.  You have gradually learned more about the intangible energies that surround us all and that awareness will enable you to use them to create a better life for yourself and others.  Expect to feel the urge for more and more enlightenment so you want to engage in activities that feed your creativity and nurture your soul.  This is the perfect time to proactively continue the healing and transformation that you have already begun or initiate a new endeavor towards those goals. Use Labradorite to gain insight into what you can do to further your journey.  Snowflake Obsidian can aid in productive transformations.

Number of the day: 8

One of 8's goals is to help us achieve balance so it is a reminder that efforts are rewarded in kind.  Dioptase encourages you to work for what you want.



Posted on August 12, 2015
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