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WEEK OF 04/24/13 - 04/30/13

WEDNESDAY 04/24/13

Can you imagine the possibilities when the planet of love & money is in a friendly transit with the planet of regeneration?  Venus and Pluto in a trine will make relationships and finances bloom.  There is lovely, passionate energy surrounding everything that you do, and you will see significant results from your efforts.  While both planets are in earth signs you will feel a spiritual re-awakening that can allow you to see just how wonderful your life is, so carry Rhodochrosite to feel the beauty.  Bloodstone will show you how the slightest effort can yield amazing results. 

Number of the day: 7

The vibration of 7 can help you to see the amazing wonder of the simplest thoughts and gestures.  Sodalite will allow you to appreciate things that you might otherwise dismiss. 

THURSDAY 04/25/13

Eclipses are preambles to change.  They are meant to show us where something new and different is about to happen, and our first one of the season is a Partial Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio.  Lunar Eclipses light up the inner, personal areas of your life and that will be even more prominent in the intense sign of Scorpio.  It may be time to ask yourself: What are you hiding?  More importantly, why are you hiding anything from yourself and/or others?  Often with Scorpio matters it isn't the action that is as important as the motive.    You are most likely aware of whatever needs to change, and the time has come to either reveal or release it. This may just be the cosmic push that you need to make it happen.  Moonstone will help you to formulate a plan and Herkimer Diamond will lead a powerful execution. 

Number of the day: 8

Take charge and lead the way.  Now is not the time to sit back and just let things happen.  The successful vibe of Citrine will be perfect for your ambitious actions. 

FRIDAY 04/26/13

You don't want to make any important decisions or commitments while Mercury and Neptune are in a semi-square transit.  Everything is just too vague and unfocused; you cannot be sure of anything.  Later in the day Mars steps in and works with Neptune to give our creative stirrings a nudge in the right direction.  You  may be inspired to try your hand at something new or let go of something old.  Now you should trust your judgment and follow your gut.  This is good energy for opening new doors, so let Iolite open your mind to the new and Carnelian encourage those first steps.

                                                                                                                             Number of the day: 9

Before you move forward take the time to review what you have learned from the past.  Every second is an opportunity to learn more and be better prepared for the next step.  Carry Blue Tigers Eye for higher learning.

SATURDAY 04/27/13

Jupiter and the Scorpion Moon are going to encourage you to come out of hiding.  It is time to see what you can learn by letting others learn more about you.  It can be difficult to be your true self in all situations and with everyone that you encounter.  Most of us have built separate worlds within our lives, and we work hard to maintain those limits.  We fear what may happen should our worlds collide.  But isn't that how new worlds are formed?  Be a pioneer and you may be surprised at where it leads you.  Rainbow Obsidian will encourage you to blend your realities, and Leopard Skin Jasper lets you feel safe to be yourself. 

Number of the day: 1

Simply be true to yourself and do what you know is right.  Good things will always follow these basic steps.  Fire Agate will cut through second guesses. 

SUNDAY 04/28/13

Reality could feel like a harsh slap that will send you reeling.  The Sun and Saturn are doing their very best to show us limits and challenge your determination.  Their purpose is not to hold us back or make us feel unworthy - it is to show us just how strong, capable and invincible we truly are!    Keep doing what you do, and be confident that you will find your way around - or possible right through - anything that comes up in your path.  You could end this day feeling more on your game than every before!  Ruby gives you strength and Green Tourmaline drives your determination.

                                                                                                                        Number of the day: 2

If there is something that is holding you back then find a way to use it to propel you forward.  You have that ability and Rhodonite will show you how. 

MONDAY 04/29/13

There is a beautifully comfortable energy from Venus and Jupiter that will make you feel at one with the world.  Interactions are easy and enjoyable, and you feel very spiritually connected with your friends and family.  Physically, you are very pleased with your surroundings and your financial picture is bright. You are just in a really good place, so take the time to enjoy your optimistic view.   Selenite boosts the positive energy and Angelite will remind you of how wonderful things can always be. 

Number of the day: 3

There is nothing as powerful as the energy of loving and happy surroundings.  Find your happy place and go there - even if it is a "mental" visit - and bring Rose Quartz along for the ride. 

TUESDAY 04/30/13

People, things and situations are all ganging up to stop you from making any progress.  Well...that isn't really what is happening, but that is how it may feel when Mars and Saturn are opposite each other.  Practical matters keep us from aggressive pursuits, so for now you may have to attend to your earthly matters and save the dragon slaying for another time.  It might be a challenge to complete anything under this transit, so wait it out and use the energy to appreciate what you have instead of fighting to accomplish some goal that can just as easily wait a day or two.  Lepidolite will encourage calm thinking while Tree Agate keeps you focused on today. 

Number of the day: 4

Every challenge has a solution and it is up to you to find it.  Serpentine will help you solve any puzzles and remind you that this journey will leave you better than before.


Posted on April 22, 2013
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