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WEEK OF 05/08/13 - 05/14/13 

WEDNESDAY 05/08/13

Mars & Chiron will leave you feeling unsure of who you are and insecure about your place in the Universe.  It is as if you are on the outside looking in during every interaction and situation right now.  Don't let fears and insecurities turn into frustrations and defensive behaviors.  Take this opportunity to really examine your feelings, especially the negative ones, to uncover ways to overcome your inner fears.  Knowledge is power, and you can gain great insight as feelings come forward under this influence.  Black Kyanite will show you how to deal with what you find in a positive manner.  Lepidolite will bring light to your darkest mood. 

Number of the day: 1

Do not let your doubts become what defines you.  You have the ability to be whoever you want to be, and the energy of 1 can help you to uncover who is that person.  Clear Quartz will remind you of your personal power. 

THURSDAY 05/09/13

During a solar eclipse the Moon momentarily blocks the light of the Sun from reaching Earth.  Often the brightest light can be found in the darkness, and during an eclipse that light is sure to reveal something important.  So where are you in the dark?  You should expect insight and subsequent changes regarding matters ruled by Taurus like money, career, and home life.  You may feel as if your stability is being rocked, but remember the purpose of an Eclipse is not to hurt or cause loss.  It is meant to help you see what has been unseen and eliminate what could potentially be harmful.  Carry Rutilated Quartz as a reminder that everything will end up exactly as it is meant to (and that will be good for you!).  Tiger's Eye will provide grounding and strength. 

Number of the day: 2

You will weather the storm and find your place of peace.  The energy of 2 drives your desire for balance by leading you to those things that will bring you contentment.  Use Ametrine to connect with spirit and understand how everything works together for a higher good. 

FRIDAY 05/10/13

Venus has moved into Gemini infusing us with a frivolous, congenial, and light-hearted energy.  There is so much fun to be had, and you are the social butterfly who likes to stop for a moment by each pretty flower before moving on.  If you tend towards shy and introverted behaviors this is a good atmosphere for you to become sociable - if that is your desire.  While it is a wonderful time to try something new and extend your horizons, just remember that Gemini is fickle.  You want to enjoy yourself, but be cautious that it does not become costly emotionally or financially.  Botswana Agate has a bubbly attitude that will match your mood for play while Pyrite will remind you to watch your heart and your wallet.

                                                                                                                            Number of the day: 3

Put away your stress and worries for a moment and just enjoy the now!  The power of 3 reminds you that you have the right to be happy.  Perhaps when you look back at those concerns they may seem insignificant in the greater picture.  Orange Aventurine enhances the joy of living in the present.  

SATURDAY 05/11/13

The Sun and Mercury will produce spectacular energy for getting things done.  Every action that you take will make an impact. People listen to what you have to say, and you can make a huge difference.  You are very on your game right now, so be sure to use this energy wisely.  Leave your mark, but make it a positive experience for yourself and others.  Fluorite will enhance your power and infuse your intentions with compassion and care.  Red Jasper can direct your efforts where they can do the most good. 

Number of the day: 4

Each of you makes a much larger mark that you ever realize.  The vibration of 4 wants you to know that the slightest effort and the smallest kindness can result in amazing things.  Carry Dalmatian Jasper to make every action meaningful. 

SUNDAY 05/12/13

The Moon guides your inner, hidden self, and it will be in a transit with Uranus that will encourage you to come out of hiding.  You will find that you respond instantly to events and situations.  There is no time to consider actions that are not in line with our true self.  It is like a light bulb shining brighter than ever before - it simply cannot dim its light.  This is a wonderful atmosphere to assert yourself and/or adopt a new style or attitude.  Labradorite will encourage you to show everything that you've got and Opal will eliminate your misplaced fears.

                                                                                                                                    Number of the day: 5

True freedom lies with each of you....and you are the only one who can threaten it.  Other people and situations can never cage your spirit as long as you do not permit it.  Amethyst will shield and empower you.  

MONDAY 05/13/13

Venus and Uranus in a square will produce an atmosphere that is unstable, impulsive, restless, and rebellious.  Be prepared!  You do not want to be completely caught off guard as things come at you that you never expected.  Try not to let things shake you.  Think of it like a snow globe:  It is fine just standing still, but it needs a few shakes to make it spectacular.  Go with the flow and don't let overreactions cost you.  Watch out for impulse buys, physical enhancements, and risky relationship choices.  Carry Bastnaesite for grounding, you are going to need it, and Sodalite to remind you to think before your act.

 Number of the day: 6

No matter what is going on in your environment you can always maintain your own inner peace.   Harmonious 6 reminds you that your initial emotion should always be based in love in order to replace stress with compassion and empathy.  Rhodonite will keep your heart open and available. 

TUESDAY 05/14/13

Yesterday was a lot of outer chaos and now Venus and Saturn could bring some inner turmoil.  They produce very sensitive energy that could make you feel anxious and inhibited for no particular reason.  It is very easy to become overwhelmed by emotions that you don't understand.  Remember that Saturn in Scorpio needs us to deal with whatever is not working for us.  Not to hide it or cover it up, but bring it to the surface and just deal with it!   Working with Venus is challenging you to examine all of the different versions of yourself and let go of the ones that you find unpleasant.  This isn't about what others think of you - this is about how you think about yourself.  This is amazing energy to really love and appreciate yourself.   Pietersite will give you the strength to handle what has been repressed.  Carnelian gives you the courage and conviction to do what must be done.

                                                                                                                                Number of the day: 7

You often spend so much of your life on outer pursuits that you forget to take a look within.  Introspective 7 wants you to make it a priority to find time for contemplation; consider how your thoughts and actions are affecting your life.  Blue Quartz helps you find that time and space.



Posted on May 06, 2013
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