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WEEK OF 05/01/13 - 05/07/13 

WEDNESDAY 05/01/13

Mercury enters practical Taurus so you won't be looking towards anything new or considering expansion for a little while.  Practical, materialistic ideas will keep you grounded, focused on what you have, and how to make it the absolute best that it can be.  Take a break from those idealistic thoughts about attaining more things that may not turn out to be what you really want. Relax and appreciate what you have and how it makes sense in your life.  Celestite allows you truly see what is right in front of you and Aqua Aura will encourage you to express your appreciation.

Number of the day: 3

A new month starts and a new pattern emerges as we step back to the energy of 3.  The energy of 3 encourages fun and excitement so carry White Agate to continually surround yourself with this optimistic vibe. 

THURSDAY 05/02/13

Mercury is allowing you to feel pretty at home and comfortable with things as they are, so you are not very welcoming when Jupiter steps in with it's usual onslaught of too much stuff.  You are especially unprepared for everything that is going on and it will make getting things done a challenge.  Wait until Jupiter steps back before making any decisions or attempting to make progress in any matter.  Blue Kyanite will surround you with calm when it all feels like too much.  Tiger Iron will cut to the chase and enable you to focus on anything that is truly important.

Number of the day: 4

You will keep steady on your path as you face new energies with 4.  Some will support you, and others might present a challenge, but you have the strength to maintain your course no matter what.  Pink Aventurine will simultaneously keep you grounded and open to the surrounding energies - the best way to approach any situation! 

FRIDAY 05/03/13

It is always interesting when the Sun and Chiron join up in a sextile transit since it leads you to an exploration of your overall purpose.  The steady element of Taurus can help you to make progress right now if you are unsure of your identity or feel as if something just isn't right.  You will be excited at the prospect of trying out a "new" you.  This is an excellent transit for uncovering opportunities and exploring new people, places, and things. If a change is necessary then now is the time to implement it.  Malachite will be very supportive when you are not sure of your best move.  Sapphire will expand your mind to accept new possibilities. 

Number of the day: 5

Remain flexible and available for adventures.  The energy of 5 wants you to consider every opportunity because you never know where it may lead.  Green Kyanite can show you where growth is possible. 

SATURDAY 05/04/13

You can go anywhere and accomplish anything when Mercury and Neptune are in a sextile position.  You realize that your boundless imagination is the foundation upon which you can build any kind of life that you desire.  Use this inspirational transit to tell yourself the perfect story and write yourself into it. It may just begin in your mind, but everything else will soon follow. Cavansite reminds you to listen to your heart and Rainbow Moonstone gives you the courage to follow where it leads. 

Number of the day: 6

As you explore ways to bring more stability into your life remember the key ingredient:  trust.  You've got to believe in yourself and your surroundings in order to live in harmony.  Is that a challenge?  It is for most people so carry Pink Calcite to embody the peaceful energy of 6. 

SUNDAY 05/05/13

You are going along and everything is fine when something stops you in your tracks, and it seems as if the only alternative is to abandon the journey.  A powerful trine with Mars and Pluto is going to show you how to get around that obstacle, or better yet,  build a whole new track.  You can get past anything and continue to make progress towards your goals.  All it takes is the right attitude - of course an extra boost of cosmic energy is always beneficial!  Rutilated Quartz will empower your thoughts (make sure to keep them positive!). Sunstone gives you the confidence to keep moving forward no matter what. 

Number of the day: 7

Now is the time for careful contemplation with 7 to guide you.  Often a problem can be easily resolved if you take the time to consider your actions.  Scolecite and some quiet time will prove most helpful to making some serious progress. 

MONDAY 05/06/13

Fears of loss and change could make you act in ways that are not in your best interest while Venus and Pluto are in a sesquiquadrate position.  Jealousy, manipulations, and disappointments seem to be everywhere.  Maybe it's real, and maybe it's not, but everything just feels as if you are being fooled and lied to at every turn.  Do not make any rash moves or choices right now.  Avoid letting your fears manifest as aggressive moves against others.  You may think that you need to control the situation, but really it is controlling you.  Don't let it, and wait the energy out until you can see more clearly with an open mind and heart.  Let Strawberry Quartz keep you in balance while Lithium Quartz calms the surround maelstrom. 

Number of the day: 8

Choose your actions wisely because supportive 8 can really boost your success.  Make sure you really want something before you go after it, and use Abalone Shell to insure that your goals are for the highest good of everyone involved. 

TUESDAY 05/07/13

Mercury and Mars are going to produce an almost exhausting amount of energy.  This is great if you are looking for enthusiasm and need to aggressively attack certain activities.  Be cautious though because you can easily become over stimulated both mentally and physically.  Your nerves could feel shattered, and the erratic vibe could lead to all kinds of accidents.  Choose your words carefully, do your best to think before you act, and watch yourself (and others) while you travel.  If you have something that needs to be accomplished, especially something you've been avoiding, then now is the time for action.  Black Obsidian will allow you to use the energy to it's full advantage while being protected.  Picture Jasper can offer some peace when it is needed. 

Number of the day: 9

It is easy to become exasperated when things simply do not go your way.  Especially when you are giving it all that you've got!  You can turn frustration to sympathetic understanding with 9's support.  It will help you to realize that everything does happen for a reason.  Apache Tears will replace hostility with a caring vibration. 


Posted on April 29, 2013

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