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WEEK OF 04/10/13 - 04/16/13

 WEDNESDAY 04/10/13

 Try not to get in your own way as Mercury and Saturn make everything seem like way too much of a challenge.  Things will be getting in your way wherever you attempt progress.   You could easily become emotionally frustrated and mentally exhausted to the point where you wonder why even bother trying.  Remind yourself that sometimes blockages have a purpose, and take the opportunity to re-think your goals.  If it is what you truly want then you will find a way to push through and make things happen.  Serpentine can help you review and revise while Mexican Fire Opal shows you how to keep going no matter what.

                                                                                                                             Number of the day: 2

Take time to focus on what will truly benefit you.  It is always easier to put in the work when you know how your accomplishment will enhance your life.  Ruby in Kyanite will marry your goals with your drive. 

THURSDAY 04/11/13

 Pluto will turn retrograde in Capricorn tomorrow and stay there until September.  You should expect to find yourself with some very ambitious goals.  Also expect that there will be inevitable ups and downs along that road.  Planets have a stronger effect on our internal lives while in retrograde and Pluto will be no different.  You may feel as if you must release certain thoughts, attitudes and securities in order to get what you want.  Before you initiate any changes just make sure that it is what you really want and absolutely  necessary.  Your actions may not be met well by others and could put them on the defensive.  Are you prepared for that?  Iolite can give you valuable insight.  Blue Topaz will keep your interactions positive and supportive. 

Number of the day: 3

Enjoy the ride and find the fun in everything that you do.  If you take everything too seriously you can easily forget that life is meant to be joyful.  Pink Aventurine reminds you that laughter is an essential tool for release. 

FRIDAY 04/12/13

Saturn is keeping us busy this month and today it works with Uranus to ask us to make an important choice. We want to follow our true path but are held back by our need for security.  If we conform to keep the peace we are left unhappy.  It may be time to do something unexpected and break free. Go for what you want rather than what you need - or at least believe that you need.  The energy may feel extreme, but you can control it and seek balance for the most positive outcome.   Malachite gives you strength and courage to follow your heart.  Black Agate will protect you from extremes while it attracts balance. 

Number of the day: 4

It is all in the details so take this opportunity to consider every nook and cranny.  Your grasp of the whole picture will enable you to move forward with a steady resolve, heart and hand.  Smokey Quartz offers support and stability no matter how stormy the climate.  

SATURDAY 04/13/13

It may feel as if Mercury has been in Pisces for far too long since the 3 week retrograde period held it back from joining the other planets in Aries.  Finally, Mercury moves on and now you are ready for something new and innovative.  New ideas become prominent and you find that your thoughts, activities and communications are all focused on your pursuit of those new things that you crave.  Pietersite will amplify your efforts while Turquoise stimulates your creativity and opens new doors.

                                                                                                                            Number of the day: 5

It may be a challenge to keep your inner voice quiet when it has so much to tell you.  Your innovative ideas are anxious to get your attention - so let them!  Aquamarine will help you to be discerning without becoming overwhelmed. 

SUNDAY 04/14/13

There is a tendency to overdo things as Venus prepares to bow out of Aries.  We will go too far to get noticed including making some outlandish and costly decisions.  Avoid saying too much - especially when it comes to relationships - and do not try to resolve any situations.  It will be difficult to hold anything back and things could get out of hand.  Temperance is key and Tanzanite can help you achieve it.  Rhodochrosite will calm any difficulties. 

Number of the day: 6

Be gentle with yourself and others.  Just as much can be accomplished with kind words and actions, and everyone always feels much better afterwards. Peridot reminds you to lead from your heart. 

MONDAY 04/15/13

Venus enters Taurus eliciting an appreciation and desire for the finer things.  Fortunately there is a practical element to Taurus that helps us to understand what it takes to possess those things and have those experiences.  You aren't looking for something for nothing.  You recognize what you need to do in order to have the things that you want, and you are more than willing to put in the time and effort.  Use Chrysoprase to envision your success and Green Kyanite to focus your hard work. 

Number of the day: 7

You may be surprised by the intensity of a thought or a feeling.  It is meant to help you to find the best use of your energies. So don't ignore it and let Chevron Amethyst guide you. 

TUESDAY 04/16/13

Your emotions may leave you feeling defensive as both the Sun and Mars are in a semi-square position with Chiron.  The aggressive Sun/Mars duo urge progress, but protective Chiron brings doubts of acceptance that keep us holding back.  You cannot do anything well with expectations of hurt and regret.  Instead of letting this energy get to you use it to try and understand why you think you are not capable of doing and having what you want.  Is it really that others doubt you or perhaps are you doubting yourself?  There is a tremendous opportunity to release any tendencies to self sabotage and build confidence that no one and nothing can shake.  Yellow Calcite will help you uncover what is really stopping you.  Septarian will show you how to let it go. 

Number of the day: 8

Conquering fear takes hard work and discipline.  You have the strength and commitment to overcome any obstacle and succeed!  Lapis Lazuli will enhance your confidence. 


Posted on April 08, 2013
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