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Crystals for 2013 - November

By Tara Mideaker 

Do you know that initial shock when something changes? But then you grow accustomed and comfortable and whatever was "new" becomes the usual. And then it all changes again.  Welcome to November! 

Despite a lot of cosmic activity, November could be your last opportunity for a moment of calm and reason in 2013.  December is always a blur of activity and before you know it, you are sitting on January 1st wondering what happened to 2013.  Yes, there is a lot of shifting going on in the Universe, but mostly it is the planets just getting themselves back in line with where they were supposed to be.  You want to follow this energy and get yourself in line with where you should be.  November will be your best opportunity to fully understand what you want and where you belong.  If you're not there (or on your way), then you will be able to figure it out and move forward on a positive and powerful trajectory.  

The first 4 days of November are going to blow you out of your comfort zone and it is almost guaranteed that something will change.  There is so much activity including a Uranus/Pluto Square; a Solar transit and a Mercury transit through Chiron, Uranus and Pluto; a New Moon, and a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio.  Stilbite will give you the peace to know yourself and listen to your inner voice while Larimar helps you gather your power and knowledge and use them to your advantage. 

During this time you do want to ground yourself with crystals like Black Agate and Mahogany Obsidian for a structured flight towards new beginnings.  You do not want to be weighed down with burdens like past energies, old hurts and things that need to go.  Let go now and get rid of anything holding you back.  Remember that forgiveness is the number one way to release and use Amazonite for strength and courage.   

On November 5th Venus moves into Capricorn, giving Venus's typically idealistic view the tools it needs to bring those ideals into reality.  Rutilated Quartz can help you turn your desires into fact. 

Many planets begin to move forward again including Mercury on November 10th, Neptune on November 13th and Chiron on November 19th.  Neptune going direct offers a greater chance for empathy and understanding - but also the danger of hiding in delusion.  Amethyst will help you avoid the latter and focus on the higher purpose.  Moving forward, Chiron will help you take your worst hurts and turn them into your greatest asset.  There is no higher calling than to heal and Chiron will show you how healing and overcoming your pain will benefit yourself and others.  Apache Tears will be an asset during this process. 

Jupiter goes retrograde on November 7th allowing for fortune and growth to turn inward.  What you build mentally and emotionally during this time will result in outer abundance later.   Apatite will illuminate what you need and show you how to get it. 

The month ends with the Sun in happy-go-lucky Sagittarius in a Trine with the planet that is driven by change, Uranus.   It will give you a flexible attitude, a renewed vision and the opportunity for unique and unusual developments that will put you in the best position to see the changes you want actually happen in your life.  Tanzanite gives your visions the power to exceed your expectations. 

November will let you know that the time has come to take a stand and fight for who you want to be.  Use the tools it has to offer and you will triumph. 

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Scorpio:  November 3rd

Full Moon in Taurus: November 17th

Sun moves into Sagittarius:  November 21st

Posted on October 28, 2013
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