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by Tara Mideaker

 It is a popular belief that many of the issues and the general state of today's world is the direct result of diminishing feminine energy.  August will give you the opportunity to see the difference that predominant feminine energy can make in your lives.  

Receptive and harmonious feminine energy will be emphasized in the sky during the entire month.  This is lovely energy that accepts rather than projects.  This can seem like an alien concept in today's world.  Most people have adapted to thriving in this fast-paced, overly active lifestyle and find it difficult to just stop the momentum.  But slowing down is how you let other energies in, and embrace new energies that will allow you to grow.  The nurturing feminine energy this month can give you the strength to evolve into something more than you could have ever imagined. 

So relax and be open to the energies of August.  Here is what you can expect: 

Are you acting in line with your true beliefs and passions...or are you at odds with yourself?  That is the question that Jupiter opposite Pluto on August 7 will challenge you to ponder.  If you aren't sure, consider how successful you've been in achieving your goals.  Have you been struggling? Are you dissatisfied with your progress? This transit can help you to take a step back and offer a fantastic opportunity for re-evaluation, re-alignment, and re-birth. You could find yourself with a whole new direction that allows you to live up to the highest standards that you can imagine. Herkimer Diamond and Morganite will encourage you to be the "you" of your dreams. 

August 16th offers several transits that will enhance your relationships and interpersonal activities.  Mercury semi-square Venus  produces sensitive energy that encourages everyone to find ways to be extra kind.  Carry Lapis Lazuli to find imaginative ways to support others. Jupiter and the Moon in a trine will encourage you to seek the same support for your personal and professional goals.  Reach out to others and see how their input helps you to be optimistic about your chances for success.  Larimar allows you to be receptive to new ideas.  Finally, the Sun and Pluto send the message that now is the time to face any obstacles.  You are building your support system and will uncover resources that you never knew that you had.  Amethyst and Moonstone will make you an unstoppable force. 

As August begins its wrap up, Venus in Libra will be very active and set you on a path towards a more beautiful and balanced life.  On August 25th Venus works with the Moon to enhance the appreciation for everything in your lives...both the good and the not so good!  You have the ability to see how essential your experiences are to your growth. Star Sapphire shows you how each moment has been beneficial.  Afterwards, Mars steps in and will get your creative juices flowing.  You will feel the desire to be creative and make something glorious out of your life. Pink Calcite lets you bring your own sense of wonder and beauty to everything that you encounter.  

On August 26th Venus and Uranus will have you feeling restless.  It could lead to impulsive actions in your search for something new and exciting.  Be cautious, but consider if perhaps a shake up is what you need to discover something wonderful. Mahogany Obsidian will keep you safe on your adventure.  Then dreamy Neptune wants you to get lost in your own pretty fantasies.  Bloodstone and Dumortierite can keep you grounded while showing you that your reality can supersede any illusion. 

August is when you want to take a vacation from working so hard and pushing forward.  See what comes to you on it's own and give it your full attention.  It is time to love and be loved....that is what it is really all about! 

Other magical days: 

August 6th:               New Moon in Leo

August 21st:              Full Moon in Aquarius

August 22nd:             Sun in Virgo

Posted on July 29, 2013
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