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From: Paul
Sent: Monday, May 12, 2008 11:40 PM
Subject: Inquiry from - Discount Prices on Healing Crystals, Minerals & Tumbled Stones

Question: I recently bought a chakra set from you guys and I love it.  The rose Quartz especially has worked for me(or should I say I felt it beginning to work.) I put it next to my bed and leave it there and clean it and program it daily.  Then today I forgot to move it and the cleaning lady must have run it over with the vacuum because their is a couple of chips in it.(I saw this happening before it did.I just forgot to move it.) Anyway I'm going to buy a larger piece of rose quartz anyway and one to replace the one damaged.  I was wondering what you guys feel would be best for the one that got damaged.  By the way it still is still mostly intact but I miss that smooth tumbled quality it had. What do you feel is best for my special little rose quartz.  I'll be placing an order tommorrow regardless of your response but I just wanted your opinion .  Thankyou.  You have a great company.  
Paul P.  


Dear Paul~

Greetings and thank you for the compliments!  Your question is a common one because if you are a crystal lover, chances are you will experience at least one broken crystal.  I have several crystals in my collection that have been chipped, but I still keep them for various energy purposes.  Crystals have Sacred Geometry inherent in their structure.  Even if that crystal is broken, the geometry of its structure remains intact.  You might consider keeping the crystal in a position where it can send its energies out into a room or office.  You might also consider letting it stay in a pillowcase to bring its loving influence into your dreams.  Another thought is putting it in your yard as a part of a crystal grid to raise the energies on your property.  The point here is that it still holds great energies regardless of whether it is chipped or broken.  

Here is a link to some other articles about broken crystals:

I hope this helps!

Blessings and Peace,

~Crystal CAT

Posted on May 14, 2008
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