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I really liked this little bracelet as I saw a great potential to use in chakra grids as well as around the base of a small candle. It is lovely.
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I received this last week with very fast delivery and i love it.Since i have been wearing this i have been sleeping soooooo peacefully.Plus it is so pretty.The color's are amazing.Thank you so much
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Beautiful! I love it. I purchased the single strand 7 Chakra bracelet and it isn't pokey at all. In fact, I now own three single strand tumbled chip bracelets from this website and none of them are pokey. The one cluster (multi-stranded) bracelet I have (in Amethyst) I do find to be just pokey enough to where I stopped wearing it so I definitely prefer the single strand bracelets, personally. My husband wore it the other day, though, and didn't complain. Haha. Anyway, THIS bracelet is absolutely beautiful. I LOVE it! :)
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a little pokey but in perfect condition
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Very nice!
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Bracelets - 7 Chakra Cluster Bracelet (India)    [JB7CH]

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