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Book Review

“The Crystal Healer”

Author: Philip Permutt

ISBN: 9781904991632 ©2007

Are you lactose intolerant? There’s a crystal prescription for that. Are you a shopaholic? There’s a crystal prescription for that also. Do you have diabetes? There’s a crystal prescription for that as well. For these, and many more, Philip Permutt has amassed 250 crystal prescriptions for conditions ranging from anorexia to regaining your zest for life.  Whether the condition is physical, emotional or spiritual, “The Crystal Healer” will be your guide to harnessing the powerful energy that crystals hold.

The Crystal Healer” is broken down into sections, the first of which explains crystal healing and how crystals transmit their unique energies. You will find help on choosing your own crystals as well as those for others; how to use a pendulum; cleansing your crystals; creating a special space in which to work with your chosen crystals; making crystal elixirs; meditating with crystals; chakra layouts and finally crystals for the environment in which you live (from selling your home, improving relationships to making your plants flourish).

Section two of the book is The Crystal Finder, which is broken down by color, and identifies 250 different crystals that you can work with. The photographs are beautiful, and each crystal profile contains its alternative name, chakra and astrological associations, sources and healing qualities, both physical and emotional.

The third section of The Crystal Healer contains 250 crystal prescriptions, which are further broken down into physical, emotional and spiritual ailments. There are also crystal prescriptions for lifestyle enhancement, such as preventing accidents to coping with children. The author has crystals in bold as those one should try out first, which is very useful. The book concludes with a helpful glossary and index.

One of the things I found quite refreshing is the fact that Mr. Permutt honestly states that, although you may benefit from these crystal prescriptions, the symptoms will often get worse for a few minutes to a few days before they get better. Persistence pays off. That is something I’ve rarely, if ever, come across in all the crystal books I’ve read.

The only problem I found was that Calcite was not listed among the crystals for arthritis and other bone conditions and Iolite and Pietersite were missing from the creativity listings.

All in all, this is a fantastic crystal reference. You can find your totem animal, increase your sense of humor, quit smoking and get help with physical issues such as melanomas to Parkinson’s disease. And from someone who’s been underweight my entire life, it’s a blessing to finally find a crystal prescription for gaining weight! Woo-hoo!  Mr. Permutt is knowledgeable without being stuffy, and his writing is down-to-earth and truly helpful. Whatever your condition, emotional problem or spiritual dilemma, there’s a crystal prescription for that. A must have for any crystal enthusiast or healer.

-Sonia Acone

Healing Crystals Expert

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Posted on August 10, 2014
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