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Book Review:

“The Complete Crystal Handbook”

Author: Cassandra Eason

ISBN: 9781402778711 ©2010

There’s a reason this new book by Cassandra Eason is labeled “complete” – frankly, because it is that and much more.  From beginning to end, this is likely the most informative and all-inclusive crystal handbook I’ve read in a long time.  Ms. Eason has certainly done it again with her wealth of knowledge and easily understood writing. The Complete Crystal Handbook has everything the crystal user, whether new to crystals or a veteran healer, would want to know on more than 500 crystals.

The Complete Crystal Handbook is divided into five sections. The first four introduce you to crystals – from their history, shapes and formation to how they work; choosing and cleansing your crystals; making elixirs; the chakras, the aura and crystal layouts. There are also sections describing crystal divination and crystals in your life (while at home, work, traveling), crystals for love and prosperity and creating sacred spaces. There are Anniversary stones as well as birth stones and crystals of the zodiac.

The fifth section is devoted to 500 crystal descriptions, complete with some very stunning photographs. There are descriptions for the most common, to the newly discovered. Each crystal is listed with its color, location, type, chakra and availability. Also included are both the physical and emotional healing aspects of each stone. There are correspondences for candle color, zodiac sign, and divinatory meaning as well practical uses in the home or at work. Most of the descriptions give a bit of historical information in addition to how to get the most out of a particular crystal. For instance, not only can you wear Blue Lace Agate to communicate your feelings, but it “will also lower the volume of communication, so keep a bowl of crystals in the home if you have noisy children, a howling dog or screeching cat.”  Each crystal description also contains an empowerment statement that you can use with your crystal, such as the one that describes Molybdenite, “Dreams are for living”.

The last section of the book contains an index and an Ailments List, where you can look up an illness or issue and, at a glance, find the crystal(s) that will benefit that illness.

I only have one issue with The Complete Crystal Handbook, and that is the type size. The words are very small and the ink doesn’t seem to be as dark as it should. Even with my reading glasses on, I have some difficulty in reading the type.

If you would like to get to know crystals better and have a greater understanding of their uses in your own life, then The Complete Crystal Handbook should be a definite addition to your library.

-Sonia Acone

Healing Crystals Expert

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Posted on August 10, 2014
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