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Book Review

“Crystal Energy: 150 ways to bring

success, love, health, and harmony into your life”

Author: Mary Lambert

ISBN: 9781402723766 ©2005

Did you know you can add Clear Quartz Crystals to a vase of cut flowers and prolong their life? Or that Rutilated Quartz can ease back pain? And Yellow Jasper can help Capricorns cope under pressure? Mary Lambert gives us 150 crystals and how to use them in our everyday lives.  In simple and easy to read layouts, “Crystal Energy” doesn’t give us twenty uses for a crystal; instead, Ms. Lambert gives us one use for one crystal.  She also includes alternate crystals that can be used as well.

“Crystal Energy” is divided into five sections that include crystals for use in the home, crystals for success, crystals for healing, crystal astrology and personalizing your own crystals.  Each page lists one crystal and how it is used. The page also includes facts about the crystal (qualities, chakras, health benefits, etc.), alternate crystals to use, and sometimes small snippets of information – what is the aura, for example. 

Crystals in the Home is broken down into various rooms, including outside, the hallway and even the home office. There are crystals, such as Gold Calcite, that can be put into a child’s room to encourage studying. Using Rhodonite can provide a nurturing atmosphere throughout the home.

Crystals for Success gives you examples of stones to use for personal empowerment, business success, relationships and creativity.

Crystal Healing suggests those crystals that will help with both physical and emotional issues.

Crystal Astrology is broken down into each zodiac sign, with two pages for each. For example, Geminis can benefit from Citrine for extra patience as well as Turquoise to calm the nerves.

The last section, Personalizing your Crystals, contains information on cleansing, choosing, and programming your crystals.

The book also contains an index that tells you what each crystal can do and what page(s) to find it.

I would highly recommend “Crystal Energy” to anyone who uses crystals or would like to know a little bit more about them.  There are numerous photographs as well as illustrations to further make this book not just an enjoyable read, but a lovely addition to any crystal enthusiast’s bookshelf.

- Sonia Acone

Healing Crystals Expert

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Posted on August 10, 2014
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