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Book Review:

“101 Power Crystals”

Author: Judy Hall

ISBN: 9781592334902 ©2011


When this book arrived and put itself into my hands, I am embarrassed to say, it was humming. It caught me completely by surprise that a book could actually “hum” in my hands; normally I might get that kind of reaction from a crystal or stone. Upon opening 101 Power Crystals it was clear to see why. Striking, stunning and exhilarating don’t begin to describe the crystals that Ms. Hall has chosen to represent in her latest creation.

Each of the 101 crystals has a two-page spread that describes, at the top of each left-hand page, the specific power of the stone, such as Chrysocolla’s “power of tranquility” or Rhodonite’s “power of emotional balance”.  The crystal descriptions go on to give chakra and physiological correspondences as well as the type of vibration the crystal contains. There are also legendary/historical, healing and transformational powers associated with each stone. The right-hand page contains a picture of the crystal, stunningly photographed upon a black background and how to harness said crystal’s power for yourself.

Many of the 101 power crystals listed are fairly well-known; however, Judy Hall also presents us with some new crystals, such as Preseli Bluestone, Trigonic Quartz, Que Sera, and Aurora Quartz. The book also contains a glossary, further reading and an index. There is even a note about the photographer, John Van Rees, Jr.

 One doesn’t need to be an expert on crystal healing to use the book. On the contrary, Judy Hall has fashioned this edition so that anyone may be able to work with and harness a crystal so that it suits the user’s needs. She shows one how to select, charge, cleanse and use the crystals so that mind, body and spirit alike are healthy.

The only negative aspect of this book is that there weren’t more crystals. I can only hope that Ms. Hall will write a companion book to this one with 101 more.


-Sonia Acone

Healing Crystals Expert

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Posted on August 10, 2014
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