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Spinel comes from the Latin word, “spina”, which means “spine” and describes the sharp, needle-like formations that create Spinel crystals. Blue Spinel gets its coloring from inclusions of Cobalt and Iron.

Blue Spinel, through its work with the Throat Chakra, enhances communication efforts, often bridging the gap between generations.

Blue Spinel is a bringer of joy and hope, often giving us a renewed sense of enthusiasm and accomplishment, especially when trying, and failing, to kick a habit.

It is said to be a good luck stone, and can aid in business success.

Blue Spinel increases intuition and psychic abilities may become more pronounced.

Physically, use Blue Spinel for detoxifying the blood. It can heal the body as a whole, but is often helpful for throat, eye, and gum disorders. Blue Spinel relieves burns, lessens fevers and improves memory. It increases stamina and energy levels and, as such, is a wonderful stone for the elderly because of its gentle nature.


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Posted on January 30, 2013
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