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Discovering More of the World of Crystals

After you have been using crystals for healing, you are now ready to explore a little further into the world of crystals.

Different Shapes: Natural, Tumbled, Cut & Polished

As you have probably noticed, there are many different shapes of crystals available and you may have been wondering if this makes a difference in their energy. First, there are tumbled and shaped crystals, and then there are crystals that are in their natural and raw state. If you are looking to use a crystal’s energy for any type of healing, either will work fine. You may find the tumbled stones easier to carry in a pocket or lay on a person, but a natural crystal can do the same. Natural or raw crystals are sometimes more fragile than there tumbled counterparts. Some of the different shapes can direct the energy of the crystals or modify it slightly. Heart-shaped crystals combine a loving energy with their other characteristics. In crystals with points, either natural or polished, the energy is directed out from the point. These are great for directing energy to a specific part of the body for healing and can “point” the flow of energy towards or away from an area. This also applies to crystal wands, where the wider end is used for drawing energy out and the narrow end it used for putting energy into a specific spot for healing. Similarly, a pyramid directs the energy of the crystal up through the apex. The energy from a crystal sphere emanates evenly in all directions. Crystals are also commonly available as Sacred Geometry shapes. These shapes represent the building blocks of everything in the Universe and they also represent the elements: Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Ether/Spirit. Sacred Geometry shapes are excellent for meditation and working with the elements.

Pets and Crystals

Now that you have been enjoying all the benefits of crystals personally, you are probably wondering about sharing them with other living things around you. Pets and other animals can benefit greatly from using crystal energy too. Amethyst water can help with fleas and parasites, Aquamarine in the fish tank can help your aquatic friends to stay healthy, Green Aventurine can calm nervous energy, Moss Agate can help with aggressiveness, and Pyrite can help reptiles with skin problems. Some crystals, like Leopardskin Jasper and Dalmatian Jasper, look like the fur coats of the animals they are excellent at healing, dogs and cats. Animals, like children, are often naturally attracted to crystals. If sharing crystals with children or pets, please be careful to avoid any choking hazards and keep them out of reach, if necessary.

Children and Crystals

When using crystals to heal children, always start with gentle crystals and avoid high energy crystals unless the child is intuitively drawn to them.  A good selection to start with is Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz and Green Aventurine. Try having the child select from a group of crystals and intuitively select the crystals they need for healing, as you would yourself. Children naturally have a strong intuition when they are young. Crystal bracelets and necklaces should only be used in older children and adults to avoid any choking hazards. It is also helpful to place crystals around the house, where the whole family can benefit. You can even use crystals in the garden to help your plants. Moss Agate, Green Calcite, Tree Agate and Fluorite will all help your plants to stay healthy and grow strong.

Crystal Grids

Another awesome way to use crystals is to create a crystal grid. A crystal grid is simple to make and helpful for amplifying your intentions. To create a simple grid, choose a place that it can remain undisturbed. Clear all the crystals first, and then place a large crystal, such as a sphere or tower, in the center of the grid. You can also add a picture or other object that corresponds with your purpose. Then place several other crystals around the center crystal, directing any points outward. Trace the grid from the center crystal to each other crystal using a wand or your finger, while holding your intention to energize the grid. Periodically, you will need to retrace the grid to recharge it. Follow your intuition when deciding on the crystals and shape of your grid and let your creativity flow. Crystal grids are also beautiful to look at!

Crystal Grid

I hope you enjoy the many different crystals that the Earth has provided and your crystal journey is filled with Love, Light and Crystal Blessings!

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Post by Stephanie Arnold

Posted on September 19, 2013

  Great insight learned a lot thank you so much  (Submitted by: Roseanna on November 04, 2017)
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    (Submitted by: Loree D on December 18, 2013)

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