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The Basics: Selecting and Caring for Crystals

Congratulations on beginning your crystal journey! I hope you enjoy working with crystals and experiencing how they can enhance and improve your life. Crystals have been used by people for thousands of years. There are over 200 references in the Bible about crystals and they were an integral part of biblical life, including the twelve stones on the breastplate of the High Priest Aaron. Ancient Egyptians used Carnelian, Lapis Lazuli, Peridot and other crystals in their jewelry and other adornments. Roman soldiers even carried Tiger Eye to encourage bravery in battle.

How to Choose Crystals

When looking at the vast rainbow of different crystals, it can be difficult to decide which crystals you should take home. The best way to choose crystals is by allowing your intuition to guide you. Look at the photos of crystals online or peruse a crystal store and see which crystals attract your attention. Sometimes it may be that you can’t take your eyes off of one or once you touch one, you can’t put it down. Maybe you keep looking at the same type of crystals every time you browse. If you are having trouble deciding, some good starter crystals are Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and/or Green Aventurine. You will also find that the stones you are drawn to will change over time as you evolve. Get out there and have fun trying out all of the different crystals!

There is no right or wrong combination of crystals to carry as long as it works for you. Each person is at a different place in their spiritual journey and has a unique combination of crystals that they are drawn to. Enjoy experimenting and see what feels the best for you. I choose a different combination of crystals to carry every day! Please be aware that some crystals give off a lot of energy and some are very helpful at detoxing the body. When toxins are released into the body, they can have an adverse effect on us as our body is cleaning itself. Occasionally, crystals can make you feel uncomfortable, anxious, lightheaded or even nauseous. If this occurs, you should try using the crystal for only small intervals of time while you adjust to the energy, or remove it all together and try it again at a later date. You may also consider a more gentle crystal of similar energy.

What to do with new crystals

Caring for Crystals: Clearing

Over time, crystals can become tired (having a weaker overall energy) and pick up negative energies from the environment around them. Because of this, you will need to periodically clear the energy of the crystals. There are many ways to do this including smudging (passing crystals through smoke of burning incense, like Sage, Sweetgrass or Palo Santo), burying them overnight in sea salt or brown rice, holding them under running water, and using sound (like a tuning fork or certain music).  Be careful not to use water or abrasive methods on softer, more fragile crystals, like Calcite. Most importantly, when clearing your crystals hold the intention that you are removing negativity and restoring the crystal’s energy.

Caring for Crystals: Charging

Even if you clear the energy regularly, crystals will need to be recharged periodically to restore their full energetic potential. Some common ways to recharge your crystals are by burying them in a garden, placing them on top of a crystal cluster, or by placing them in the sunlight/moonlight. I find that most crystals have a way that works best for them. Carnelian, Sunstone and Citrine love to spend time in the sunlight; Rhodonite and Rose Quartz love to be among the greenery and flowers in the garden or buried in the ground. Moonlight will restore Moonstone and Amethyst. Be careful because softer or fragile crystals shouldn’t be buried and some crystals, like Amethyst, can fade in the Sun. If your crystals become physically dirty on the outside, you can clean most crystals with lukewarm water and a mild soap, using a soft toothbrush for any crevices. Again, be careful with fragile and soft crystals to avoid damage! If a crystal becomes exhausted or has completed its task, sometimes they will break or can even disappear for a while, so it’s important to give your crystals a rest occasionally. Once your crystals are recharged and happy, you can enjoy their company again.  :-)

I hope you enjoy selecting and working with your new crystals. Love, Light and Crystal Blessings to you!

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Article By Stephanie Arnold

Posted on September 19, 2013

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  Great information I am just learning and was very helpful. Thank you for your insight to this matter.  (Submitted by: Roseanna on November 04, 2017)
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