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Remedies for the Meridian Imbalances

This system is much more complex than displayed here, but is a good representation of the relationships between the basic roles of the meridians, emotions, affirmations, and crystals. It is a good starting point for self-healing and those who wish to learn more may look at the books recommended.


The Lung Meridian:

Element: metal

Role: maintaining clear personal boundaries; physical renewal; strengthening the immune system

Emotion: grief

Bach Flower Essence: Honeysuckle

Crystals: Blue Chalcedony, Fluorite, Green Aventurine, Clear Quartz


  • I breathe in life fully and let go of what I no longer need
  • I release grief and embrace hope
  • It is safe for me to experience closeness (I release fear of closeness) and I have strong personal boundaries

Exercises for strengthening lungs: breathing exercises; swimming; receiving massage; rhythmic dancing

Avoid: smoking and self-isolation

Large Intestine Meridian:

Element: metal

Role: elimination, cleansing, letting go

Emotions: stubbornness, grief

Bach Flower Essence: Rock Water

CrystalsChevron Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Kunzite


  • I easily let go of what I no longer need
  • I am flexible and adaptable

Strengthening Large Intestine: exercise; de-cluttering

Avoid: holding on to guilt and regret; bottling up emotions; hoarding possessions

Kidney Meridian:

Element: water

Role: connecting us with Earth energy; give constitutional strength; generates the nervous system and bones; regulates water; keeps us aware of danger; generates fire; nourishes ears; governs memory; supports will to live and achieve goals

Emotion: fear

Bach Flower Essences: Aspen, Cherry Plum, Mimulus, Rock Rose, Revival Remedy

Crystals: Green Jade, Amazonite, Ruby in Zoisite, Unakite, Tiger Iron


  • As I nourish myself I become stronger and more resilient
  • All life experiences only strengthen my the drive to succeed

Balanced: healthy willpower; access to inner wisdom; energy; vitality; strong memory; clear thinking; a balanced sensual and sexual expression; drive; courage

Imbalanced: excessive fear; anxiety; issues of self-worth; issues of trust; paranoia; and laziness

Avoid: ice(d) water; excessive exercise; stress and overwork

To strengthen: enough rest; staying hydrated and drinking water slowly; fresh fruits and veggies; iron-rich foods; moderate exercise, especially walking and Qi Gong

Bladder Meridian:

Element: water

Role: to release the impure from the body and mind; to alert us to danger; to turn ideas into action

Emotion: fear

Bach Flower Essences: Chicory, Willow, Rock Water, Vine, Cherry Plum

Crystals: Sugilite, Kyanite, Blue Apatite, Iolite


  • I am enthusiastic and confident in my abilities
  • I express myself with confidence

Balanced: assertiveness; putting thought into action; adaptability; self-control; enthusiasm; easy self-expression; confidence

Imbalanced: loss of control; restlessness; martyrdom; incontinence; overly controlling; excessive self-criticism; changeable moods; resentment; jealousy

Avoid: sitting on cold ground; excessive exposure to coldness or dampness

To strengthen: hiking; swimming in salt water; Kegel exercises; rest; cinnamon; ginger; keeping warm

Gallbladder Meridian:

Element: wood

Role: detoxification; passion; inspiration; action; assertiveness

Emotion: rage/courage, decisiveness

Bach Flower Essences: Centaury, Elm

Crystals: Labradorite, Turquoise, Amazonite


  • I express my emotions easily
  • I easily make plans and goals and find new ways of doing things
  • I am courageous and determined to succeed

To strengthen the gallbladder: express your emotions; exercise; go to bed before 11 pm

Avoid: the same as for Liver - any kind of excess and suppressing emotions

The Liver Meridian:

Element: wood

Role: planning; creativity; energy

Emotion: anger/kindness; benevolence; compassion

Bach Flower Essences: Agrimony, Impatiens

Crystals: Amazonite, Chrysocolla, Malachite, Green Fluorite


  • I am kind, benevolent, and compassionate
  • I easily plan and strategize to manifest my desires
  • The universal energy supports the flow of my creativity

To strengthen the Liver: as the liver is associated with the element of wood, walking in a forest would be very helpful, as well as meditation and sufficient sleep

Avoid: any kind of excess and suppressing emotions

Heart Meridian:

Element: fire

Role: emotions of love

Emotion: love

Bach Flower Essences: Mustard, Pine, Red & Sweet Chestnut

Crystals: Morganite, Danburite, Rose Quartz, Ruby in Zoisite, Rhodonite


  • I feel, give and receive love easily
  • I invite joy into my life every day

Balanced: enthusiasm; feelings of joy and vitality; inner strength; spiritual peace

Imbalanced: hypersensitivity, as well as being insensitive; loneliness; sadness; high or low blood pressure; anemia

Avoid: staying in ‘stress-mode’ for long periods of time; overwork

To strengthen: having a good night’s sleep; resting (especially in the middle of the day)

Small Intestine Meridian:

Element: fire

Role: sorting what is useful; discernment; separating our feelings from those of another

Emotion: joy

Bach Flower Essences: Cerato, Chestnut Bud, Scleranthus

Crystals: Clear Topaz, Carnelian, Fire Agate


  • I can easily determine the best path to take in every situation
  • Making decisions is easy for me

Balanced: clear thinking; ability to perceive what is useful and extract the lessons from experiences quickly; sorting out beneficial from unbeneficial (advice, approach, perspective, behavior)

Imbalanced: impaired thinking and decision-making; impaired processing of experiences

Avoid: eating while working; overwork

To strengthen: enough rest

Pericardium Meridian:

Element: fire

Role: to protect the heart

Emotion: joy

Bach Flower Essences: Sweet Chestnut, Wild Rose, White Chestnut

Crystals: Fire Agate, Thulite, Green Tourmaline


  • I easily find balance between work and play
  • I am joyful and happy that I have a chance to make my life as I want it to be

Balanced: having clear boundaries (especially between working hours and hours for relaxation); having inner peace and confidence; joy at being alive

Imbalanced: being forgetful; lack of focus; lack of liveliness; nervousness; constant searching of fun things to do; unable to deal with criticism of any kind

Avoid: excessive emotional outbursts

To strengthen: massage; vacation; relaxation times

Triple Heater Meridian:

Element: fire

Role: to transport energy to all organs; keep fluids moving in the body; coordinates the functions of the digestive system

Emotion: joy

Bach Flower Essences: Holly, Centaury, Agrimony

Crystals: Mahogany Obsidian, Carnelian, Red Jasper, Mookaite Jasper


  • My friendships are nourishing and supportive
  • All my relationships are harmonious

Balanced: harmonious relationships; easy friendships; appropriate boundaries; discernment

Imbalanced: cold hands & feet; hot flushes; stubbornness; suspicion; dogma; guilt

Avoid: extreme temperatures (hot yoga, sauna)

To strengthen: going to bed before 11 pm (as 11pm is the time when this aspect starts regaining strength)

The Spleen/Pancreas Meridian:

Element: earth

Role: works to spread & distribute nourishment from food throughout the body; known as a “manager”; ensures cooperative work environment within the body and between body, mind, soul

Emotion: worry

Bach Essences: Gentian, Gorse, Beech

Crystals: Citrine, Imperial Topaz, Malachite, Tiger Eye


  • I am confident in my abilities to succeed in all that I do
  • I receive love and abundance with gratitude

Balanced: learning from mistakes; integrating experiences; clarity; self-love

Imbalanced: tiredness; crankiness; criticism; allergies; chronic dissatisfaction; obsessive thoughts

Avoid: irregularity in meals

To strengthen: establishing daily rhythms of activities and rest; create relaxing mealtimes; balance sitting and standing throughout the day; moderate daily exercise

Stomach Meridian:

Element: earth

Emotion: worry (+ obsession, nervousness)

Bach Flower Essences: Red Chestnut and Mimulus

Crystals: Amber, Imperial Topaz, Yellow Jasper, Smokey Quartz


  • I choose to eat the food that nourishes my body and to think the thoughts that nourish my mind
  • I am grounded, stable, and strong
  • I release my worry to the Divine. Everyone I love is divinely protected. I am divinely protected

To strengthen the stomach: Pilates; Qi Gong; having regular meals and enough uninterrupted time set aside for meals

Avoid: eating “on the fly”; eating when distracted (by tv, phone, etc.); junk food; addictive substances


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Article By Brana Crystal Cosmopolitan

Posted on September 19, 2016

    (Submitted by: Janette Rose on June 14, 2018)
    (Submitted by: Mammie on January 16, 2017)

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