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Bach Remedies and their Corresponding Crystals, Part 1


Bach Remedies (a.k.a. Bach Flower Essences) are the brand names for the 38 different homeopathic liquids developed by British physician Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s. He found that certain plants have beneficial influence on our emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being and made water & alcohol-based dilutions of the plant essences for various imbalances that may affect an individual.

Based on his descriptions of each remedy, we have come up with corresponding crystals and affirmations to assist you in the healing process. This is a five-part series.


“[For] the jovial, cheerful, humorous people who love peace and are distressed by argument or quarrel, to avoid which they will agree to give up much. Though generally they have troubles and are tormented and restless and worried in mind or in body, they hide their cares behind their humor and jesting and are considered very good friends to know. They often take alcohol or drugs in excess, to stimulate them and help themselves bear their trials with cheerfulness.” – Dr. Edward Bach

Keywords: Addiction, unhappy, anxiety
Human Indication: Mental torment behind a brave face. May appear carefree and humorous in order to mask anxieties.

Crystals: Blue Lace Agate, Black Agate, Aquamarine, Amethyst

Affirmation: “I feel inner peace and am supported by the Universe/Spirit/Divine.”


“[For] vague unknown fears, for which there can be given no explanation, no reason. It is a terror that something awful is going to happen even though it is unclear what exactly. These vague inexplicable fears may haunt by night or day. Sufferers may often be afraid to tell their trouble to others.” – Dr. Edward Bach

Keywords: Fear, worries, night terrors
Human Indication:  Fears and worries of unknown origin.
Pet Indication:  Vague or unaccountable fears.  Appearing agitated for no apparent reason.

Crystals: Green Jade, Seraphinite, Kunzite, Black Tourmaline

Affirmation: “I now choose love and peace. I am safe and divinely protected.” 


“For those who feel the need to see more good and beauty in all that surrounds them. And, although much appears to be wrong, [they want] to have the ability to see the good growing within. So as to be able to be more tolerant, lenient and understanding of the different way each individual and all things are working to their own perfection.” – Dr. Edward Bach

Keywords: Intolerance, critical, lack of compassion
Human Indication:  When you need more tolerance toward other people.
Animal/Pet indication:  Intolerance toward animals, people, events and situations.

Crystals: Aquamarine, Spodumene, Hiddenite, Rhodochrosite

Affirmation: “Goodness and beauty surround me. Everything is developing according to the Divine order.”


“[For the] kind, quiet, gentle people who are over-anxious to serve others. They overtax their strength in their endeavors. Their wish so grows upon them that they become more servants than willing helpers. Their good nature leads them to do more than their own share of work, and in so doing they may neglect their own particular mission in life.” – Dr. Edward Bach

Keywords: Weak-willed,  bullied, unable to say no, imposed on, lack energy, tired, timid, passive, quiet
Human indication:  When you have a hard time saying NO and therefore easily get imposed upon.

Crystals: Black Agate, Ruby, Tiger Eye

Affirmation: “My personal boundaries are strong. I respect my time and others respect me.”


“[For] those who have not sufficient confidence in themselves to make their own decisions. They constantly seek advice from others, and are often misguided.” – Dr. Edward Bach

Keywords: Confirmation, seeking advice, does not trust own wisdom or judgment
Human indication:  When you do not trust your own judgment in decision-making.

Crystals: Tiger Iron, Ruby, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite

Affirmation: “I know what to do in every situation. I trust my judgment and I am Divinely guided.”

Cherry Plum

“[For] fear of [the] mind being over-strained, of reason giving away, of doing fearful and dreaded things, not wished and known wrong, yet there comes the thought and impulse to do them.” – Dr. Edward Bach

Keywords: Fear of losing control, temper tantrum, breakdown, abusive, rage, explode, suicide
Human indication:  When you are in deep despair and feel like you are going to “lose it.”
Animal/Pet indication:  A loss of self-control, violent scratching. 

Crystals: Blue Apatite, Kyanite, Iolite, Sugilite

Affirmation: “I can overcome anything with calmness. I am in control of my reactions and I choose to react peacefully.”

Chestnut Bud

“For those who do not take full advantage of observation and experience, and who take a longer time than others to learn the lessons of daily life. Whereas one experience would be enough for some, such people find it necessary to have more, sometimes several, before the lesson is [learned]. Therefore, to their regret, they find themselves having to make the same error on different occasions when once would have been enough, or observation of others could have spared them even that one fault.” – Dr. Edward Bach

Keywords: Learning, repeating mistakes
Human indication:  Keeps repeating the same mistake, doesn’t learn from past mistakes.
Animal/Pet indication:  Repeated unsuccessful behavior patterns, doesn’t learn from past mistakes.

Crystals: Chevron Amethyst, Fluorite, Gold Sheen Obsidian, Rutilated Quartz

Affirmation: “I learn quickly and easily and release all that is not in my highest good.”


Posted on November 05, 2015
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