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Azurite-Galena is an indigo blue crystal with gray and silver coloring throughout. Azurite-Galena has a metallic shine and is often flat and plated in appearance. This stone has a rough, grainy texture and may have a sparkly appearance. Azurite-Galena will carry the properties of both Azurite and Galena, making for a powerful and rare combination!

Usage tips: Use for support when following through and working hard towards goals, meditate with for refocus and grounding, use to enhance spiritual communication and intuition.

Azurite: Azurite has been called the “Stone of Heaven” that aids in the “pursuit of the heavenly self”. Metaphysically, Azurite is a lovely Brow Chakra stone, awakening psychic abilities and helping the user to recognize intuition and spiritual guidance when it occurs. Helpful in relieving worries, phobias, and nagging negative thoughts, Azurite also helps one to recognize the areas in life needing attention. Used with the Throat Chakra, Azurite encourages communication from the heart and heightens awareness of Spiritual communication. Azurite can help dissolve energy blockages, communication blockages, as well as blockages to one’s progress. Azurite calms and relieves mental stress. Azurite is useful in meditation to clear the mind, promote deep introspection and visualization, and allow clear recognition of intuitive messages that are received.

Galena: Galena is excellent to use for grounding and balancing energy. It is also very helpful when needing to refocus and find/get back to Center. Galena is a stone of harmony, creating balance and stimulating interaction on the physical, etheric and spiritual planes. Galena teaches us not to limit ourselves, that anything is possible if we work hard and follow through. It supports us in our goals. Galena is a wonderful piece to use in the area of holistic, homeopathic and herbal medicine studies. Physically, Galena can assist in the detoxification process. Galena may also be used to reduce inflammation, enhance circulation and ease joint pain.

Caution: Because Galena is primarily lead ore, it is not to be used internally!


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Posted on March 13, 2013
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