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August 2010 Newsletter   

We have had a busy summer here at Healing Crystals, and are gearing up for a busy fall as well! We are preparing to move to a new warehouse, which while daunting in prospect will enable us to continue growing. We are looking forward to expanding our inventory, and would love to hear what crystals you would like us to stock – feel free to Contact us with your suggestions!

Crystal Blessings,

Shawn Adler 

Now, on to our newsletter...

Can Crystals Help Bring Positive Energy?

As with any bad habit, negativity is learned; from our earliest days we so often hear that we can't do that or you will always be this. If something bad happens to us, we hear that it was supposed to be, it was fated. One of the negative statements often heard from so many people is that they will always be poor, and never have anything they want. Negative statements can become so ingrained in our subconscious that it becomes a part of us. We may not even know we are sabotaging ourselves with negative statements such as these.

The first step to changing any bad habit is to recognize it, own it and make a conscious decision to change it. We need to change the way we think, not just on a conscious level but on a subconscious level too; the only destiny we have is the one we choose, and the only fate laid out for us, is the one we create by our choices. There are many crystals that can assist us in changing negativity to positivity. First and foremost understand that there is more to this then just having the crystal. You have to tell the crystals what you want to do, AND you have to believe that you can do it. Tell yourself every day through positive affirmations as you work with your crystal, who you are creating with their help; you are creating a more positive you!

Let’s start with a
Smoky Quartz
crystal. Smoky Quartz is a grounding stone. While very similar to clear Quartz, its color can vary from pale gray or brown to dark gray and even as deep as gray black. It slowly dissipates negative energy in a gentle manner. It can turn negative energy into positive energy. The added benefit is its ability to act as a shield against negative energy, acting as a sponge to absorb negative energy both from within you and from those around you. As you work with it, see the crystal pull the negative energy from you, send it into Mother Earth where it can be cleaned and returned to you as positive energy. Be sure to say your positive affirmations while doing this.

is a member of the Quartz family, which often contains a small amount of opal. Silvery gray in color it can vary in appearance from transparent to opaque. Chalcedony will help you release all those old beliefs you may have about yourself. By programming the crystal with new, positive things you would like to see in your life, you're reinforcing the change you want to see.

, also a member of the Quartz family, can range from a pale sunny yellow to golden to a deep burnt amber color. It is one of the rare stones in that it does not hold or accumulate negative energy and therefore never needs cleaning or clearing. It will help take old negative energy and thoughts, and transmute the energy into something new and uplifting. It doesn't absorb the energy but slowly dissipates it. This allows you to build the positive changes over several weeks. It has been shown through research that it takes at least three weeks to change a bad habit, so don't give up!       

To deal with those people who are constantly putting you down and telling you that you are not good enough, carry an
Apache Tear
with you. Apache Tear is a variety of Obsidian and has the same metaphysical properties as Obsidian. While Obsidian is opaque, Apache Tear is translucent to semi-translucent, and can contain flashes of mahogany, violet and green. It is the additional attributes of Apache Tear that can really help in this situation. This stone is particularly good at helping you build your inner barriers against the type of people who put you down. As you learn to replace negative thoughts with positive ones, it will become easier to block out the negativity thrown at you. You will become your own best defense.

is a stone that has been used by those in the know, as far back as in ancient times. It is a fossilized wood and very often found in or near coal mines, of which it is a form, albeit a very hard one. Jet can be matte in appearance to slightly polished looking. Jet differs from coal in that if you look carefully, you can often still see the compressed rings from the original tree. Jet teaches us to release our fears and self-doubts, so that we may learn self-confidence, and learn to trust ourselves. When we trust ourselves we learn to trust others.

Green Tourmaline
will help you avoid negative situations before you get caught up in them, and can't get out. In appearance it is a vertically striated, long and narrow crystal. While tourmaline can transmute dense energy into a lighter more uplifting vibration, Tourmaline holds negative energy and must be cleansed after every use. As you build this new positive person inside you, you will soon begin to recognize and feel negative energy that radiates from other people. You will be able to avoid situations before they even start, through working with Green Tourmaline. It will be your choice. 

As you work with the crystals you will begin to recognize old patterns and habits that no longer have meaning for you. When you see yourself in a more positive light you will begin to recognize the negativity in others, inversely you will begin to see the more positive response others now have toward you.

Roslyn Bohanan
Master Crystal Healer


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Posted on August 15, 2010
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