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From: Tanja
Sent: Tuesday, January 15, 2008 6:53 PM
Subject: Re: Attuning to Your Stones & Negative Spirits

Dear Crystal CAT,
thank you so much for the explanations below.  I am totally new to crystals but am looking forward to experiencing their power.  When you talk about working with each crystal separately are you talking about meditating with them or just carrying them with me during the day?  I understand I need to program them for me when I get them so I will go back to the website and learn more about how to do this.  As suggested I will maybe work with each individually for a week and see what happens with each.  I have a silly question: when I was reading about the smokey quartz it said that people sometimes start seeing spirits more clearly.  This is great but how can I protect myself from bad spirits as they are not welcome in my house?

I love your website and you are providing a very valuable service to humankind with your business as I truly believe that energy medicine is the way of the future and getting more information out to people is very important.

THANK YOU SO MUCH and I'll let you know how I am doing once I have gotten the crystals.



Hi Tanja~

Thank you for the compliments!  We feel we are providing a valuable service with the crystals we sell and the information we post on our site, and hope the readers enjoy the benefits from them.  

Here is an example of how I attune to my new crystals:  When I first receive a new crystal, I like to spend some quiet time, holding it, gazing at or into it, feeling it in my hand, and sensing its unique energies.  If the stone is small enough, I will carry it in my pocket, or one of our zipper pouches, if I have no pockets and the crystal is small enough.  I will sleep with it in my hand on some nights, and under my pillow on others.  I will meditate with it each day for that initial week, and more if I feel the desire.  I may then begin to think about where in my home it seems best suited for.  Depending on the piece, I may think about using it in a crystal grid.  I will be doing a article on this subject soon, listing some methods, and some of my own experiences.  It will go out with one of our monthly newsletters.

Regarding Smokey Quartz and spirits.  The grounding energy of Smokey Quartz is what gives it the property of pulling higher frequency vibrations down into a 3-D manifestation.  This includes the possibility of bringing a spirit into manifestation, but without the desire for this, it is less likely to happen.  Consider that another metaphysical property of Smokey Quartz is that it offers a powerfully protective vibration.  To be safe though, you can always walk through your home with a smoldering piece of sage to clear away any negativity that may have made its way into your environment.  You might also write up a simple statement, stating that anything that is not aligned with the highest good should remove itself from your home, which you could recite as you sage your home.  Be sure to leave a window open to release any negative energies.  

Please also consider energetic hygiene for your stones, to keep them clear of negative vibrations.  We have an article on cleansing your crystals here:

If you are unfamiliar with programming crystals, you can read that article here:

I hope this information helps to answer your concerns.


~Crystal CAT

Posted on January 17, 2008
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