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Crystals for the Holidays

One of the most effective methods for stress relief is a positive memory – like the kind that many of us have from the holiday season! Here are Crystals to help you recall the joy of the season (and none of the stress!).

The Crystals are listed by Zodiac sign and match the personality of each sign with an element of the holidays. But be sure to read all of them because - just like the holidays - Crystals are universal in their ability to bring joy.

ARIES would love to be dashing through the snow, so use White Aventurine to keep your cool.

TAURUS enjoys the bouquet of a rich Evergreen Tree. Moss Agate can mimic its beauty and endurance.

GEMINI loves to share and discuss the legends and lore of the holidays. Sodalite will enable you to combine fact with imagination for the most engaging tales.

CANCER delights in the traditions formed around the home and hearth. Ruby in Kyanite will remind you of the warmth of family and friends.

LEO wants to light up the parties and lead the pageantry of the holidays. Smokey Quartz can keep up with your energy.

VIRGO is ready to assist when it's time to set the table, wrap each gift uniquely and place each decoration in the perfect place. Green Fluorite energizes your ability to provide order with love.

LIBRA connects to the multi-colored swirl of a candy cane and other holiday goodies. Use Mangano (Pink) Calcite for that sensation of sweetness and light.

SCORPIO appreciates the mystery of miracles, wrapped packages, and other holiday surprises. Labradorite will keep you entranced with the many flashes that are hidden beneath the exterior.

SAGITTARIUS knows that being silly is a sure way to bring in light and love! A walking dreidel, a singing ornament, or your favorite holiday TV special will bring a giggle to your day. Peach Quartz will encourage you to find some fun!

CAPRICORN appreciates the traditions of the holidays with its focus on the important things, like recognition of home and family, hope for a joyous future and a good meal! Malachite puts the heart in these warm memories.

AQUARIUS embraces the spirituality of the holidays. It is that special mix of faith and substance that we celebrate annually, but keep in our hearts daily. Seraphinite will let you feel that peace.

PISCES is especially connected to the holiday season with the whimsical atmosphere and many moments where dreams come true. Fuchsite will renew your belief in the magic.


Article By Tara Mideaker

Posted on July 23, 2014

    (Submitted by: sns on December 01, 2015)

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