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Sun and Moon for Astrological Signs:

As the Sun and the Moon travel through the signs of the Zodiac, they offer very unique energy that can be very beneficial for clearing and charging your chakras. This energy is universal and will help everyone. It isn't reserved for thos
e of you who have the sign as your Sun, Moon or Rising sign - although you may feel it more intensely. Working with our very talented graphic artist, Robin, we designed these Zodiac Chakra Cards that offer insight into which chakra will benefit most from the Sun/Moon/Astrological energy. Each card explains what you can expect as you focus the astrological energy on the specific chakra, along with some crystal suggestions to help you draw in the energy and realize its benefits. When the Sun is in the sign it will affect your outer self and actions - or what you project. When the Moon is in the sign it will affect your inner being - or what you feel.
Love & Light!