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Here is a question from one of our customers:

Q:  Hi,
I have a queston regardingLapis Lazuli. I have been wearing this in form of a double pointed pendant around my neck for what I think since the beginning of summer. I just recently looked up its properties again (for some reason) and found this website that indicated the following:

"It should not be used by those suffering from diabetes or those who have extra fat on their bodies."
website is:

I'm interested in finding out why you can't use this if you are overweight. Could you elaborate why this shouldn't be used if you are overweight? I have been working to lose weight from my last preganancy and have about 38lbs to go. I'm wondering, do I need to retire this pendant until I've lost the weight? I've searched other sites and found nothing indicating the same...first site I referenced was this one of course :)

Hope this all made sense! I look forward to hearing from you!


Dear M,
Crystals for healing should be used as a compliment to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care.

I have reseached several books including Love is in the Earth and I can find no reference to this weight loss restriction. As a matter of fact all my sources say that Lapis Lazuli is an excellent stone for restructuring and balancing the cells and the body. So I would have to say just the opposite. Because it balances cellular function, it can help regulate sugar levels, and help in weight loss. And by programing its ability to balance the body it can help to reach the balanced weight for you.

You must remember that interpretation of a crystals metaphysical properties is an intuitive process. Only you can decide if a crystal is right for you. If when you hold the crystal or wear the crystal and it feels right then it means that some aspect of the crystals properties is responding to a need in you. So I say go with your intuition. Your the best judge of whether you should wear the stone.


Posted on January 05, 2011
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