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Hi. i was just wondering if there are any crystals or stones that should not be put together because I love them all and I have quiet a lot. Love & light.




Dear Y,

Thank you for reaching out to Healing Crystals with your question about putting crystals together. There are a few guidelines for this. Generally speaking, crystals all seem to "like" each other but some will enhance each others' energy and while other combinations might create a chaotic feel to their vibration. This varies piece by piece, so to that extent, you will have to use trial and error. Generally speaking, I find that minerals from the same family tend to get along the best. For example, Agates with Agates, Jaspers with Jaspers, etc. Mixing Selenite and Black Tourmaline among displays of crystals seems to help balance things out. Covering them with a black cotton cloth at night or when you need to be restful in a room with the crystals can also help with this.

The thing you want to avoid doing is mixing hard or pointy crystals with softer crystals when they will be rubbing up against each other such as in a bowl or pouch. Reference books and our product pages list something called the "Mohs Hardness" which is a number from 1-10 that represents how easily a stone marks or scratches. For example,  Sulfur would be a 1 and Diamond a 10. Mixing things below a 6 on the scale can lead to scratches, knicks and general damage to the finish of those softer crystals.

Crystal Blessings,

Debbie Elaine

Posted on June 12, 2015
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