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Healing Crystals NAQUACE NAQUACE
Extra+ grade crystal actually was clear, had good blue color, and was free of matrix. Pleasantly surprised.
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Very beautiful! Much of my life centers around water and working through Anahata/Vishuddha/Ajna priority, too. My artwork has been stated to be an aid in stimulating the 'vision serpent', and to do that, you need a 'flow'. This is a great flow stone, and is right next to my water fountain in my room, sitting with the other crystals. I've found if you have a room fountain dripping, and are an artistic soul, you are feeding your stones something beautiful always, as much as they work for you, and are required to clear them less. In a way, you already are very often just doing what is you do!
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todo era perfecto..gracias
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Aquamarine - Aquamarine Chips "Extra/Extra+" (Brazil)    [NAQUACE]

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