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We're really late on our April newsletter, but we wanted to wait until we got our new shipment of quartz points online.   We have reorganized our quartz points and we have some great deals for you.

This month, we're going to talk a little about Orgone and Orgonite Generators. We have many customers who ask us about these and in the newsletter, we offer our recommendations for crystals for making Orgonite devices.

If you make Orgonite Generators or if you know of a good resource about Orgonite, please Contact Us and we'll post it on our site for others to see.

Thanks again for reading our newsletter!  

Crystal Blessings,

Shawn Adler

Now, on to our newsletter...

ORGONE - What is it?  How does it work?

Orgone energy was an idea that was originally proposed and promoted by Dr. Wilhelm Reich in the 1930s. This form of energy is often better known as universal life force or chi; Dr. Reich ultimately felt that Orgone could best be described as a massless, omnipresent force. Dr. Reich worked extensively with Orgone and felt that this energy could be harnessed and used in a variety of ways. It has subsequently been used for therapeutic healing, and also in devices known as Cloudbusters. These Cloudbusters use harnessed Orgone energy to stimulate rainfall, or to disperse harmful chemtrails. This amazing energy can be found everywhere — from the smallest microscopic units to massive structures such as huge clouds or even entire galaxies of this life force energy.

I must admit, before taking on this article, I knew little to nothing about Orgone, what it was or how it worked. I was fortunate enough to be able to talk at length with two researchers of Orgone, Ross Purvine and Don Croft. 

Ross Purvine has long researched the effects of Orgone, and its positive benefits on the atmosphere, including its use as a Cloudbuster and for eliminating chemtrails.

Don Croft, with his wife Carol Croft, after studying Orgone extensively on the Internet, worked with a substance called Orgonite, a combination of catalyzed organic fiberglass resin with inorganic metal shavings. Orgonite was first created in 1991, but was further developed in 2000 by Carol Croft with the addition of crystals; this mixture of resin, metal shavings and crystals created an effective device to collect, transmute and emit beneficial Orgone energy.

Kristi: What exactly is Orgone?
Don Croft: Orgone is the term that Dr. Wilhelm Reich introduced in the late 1930s for the same phenomenon that is traditionally described as prana, ch'i, animal magnetism, life force, ether, etc today. 
Ross Purvine: Orgone is the blue hue around all things. Amazingly enough, the blue sky is Orgone! Orgone energy enhances the life force of everyone and everything around it — plants, animals, insects, the whole planet.

Kristi: I have read and heard the name Reich mentioned often in various YouTube videos and written articles. Is he considered the "Father" of Orgone?
Don: He is; Dr. Reich was Sigmund Freud's protégé until the former began curing mental illness in the 1920s, after which Freud blackballed him. Einstein was also initially excited by Reich’s evidence of the existence of the ether, but then he too blackballed Reich, evidently because his own work denied the influence of this ether (Orgone) on physics. Reich was wrongfully imprisoned, and then evidently murdered by the US Government in the 1950s after which his legacy was erased from public record.  We like to honor him by using some of his terminology and we credit him with providing the basis for subsequent discoveries in this new science: the exploration of subtle energies.

Kristi: How does Orgone work?
Don: Orgone seems to be the underlying, vital matrix of the physical universe — a mostly untapped reservoir in terms of human technology.

Kristi: What can Orgone do to help us? It is reported that Orgone has been used to transform the environment, improve weather, and improve plant growth and the quality of water. It helps to dissolve harmful chemtrails and mitigate the harmful effects of EMF and EMR radiation.
Ross: If you put Orgonite (the mixture of resin, metal shavings and crystals, which helps harness and emit Orgone) in your garden, the Orgonite actually repels the harmful pests and weeds and gives you a huge luscious garden. The most popular use for Orgone is to break up harmful chemtrails. The earth is being bombarded with heavy spraying by jet planes. These long white trails criss-cross in a web pattern, like the Hopi prophesized about with 'spider webs in the sky'. This spraying has earned the term 'chemtrails'. Sylphs, or cloud angels, are a healthy result of having a Cloudbuster. Since I put my Chembuster on the patio, I now see the Sylphs go into action immediately breaking up and dissolving the chemtrails almost as quickly as they are being made whenever the jets fly by, spraying their toxic brew upon the neighborhood. It's almost as if the sylphs are alive and protecting the whole space above me and my chemtrail buster. It's fascinating to see.

(I was fascinated by the work of Don and Carol working with quartz crystals in Orgonite.  This combination greatly increases its useful range against the negative radiation from cell towers. Being a crystal lover, I wanted to know more).

Kristi: Is there a specific type of quartz crystal that you recommend using in Orgonite? Does quartz from one location better than another? (Tibet? Lusa? Brazil?)
Don: The use of specific gems, crystals, coil forms, metals and shapes in Orgonite is for personal, interactive items. Carol maintains a blog site to tell how to combine various gems and other components to create certain healing effects, to enhance awareness, provide protection, encourage prosperity, and so on: The sky is the limit for this, since Orgonite (the simple combination of metal particles and catalyzed resin) enhances and even multiplies the effects of these components. A talented person, or someone following the instructions of a talented individual, can achieve phenomenal results with this 'interactive' Orgonite.

Kristi: How does one know that Orgone is working? I have seen a few YouTube videos that show Cloudbusters breaking up clouds, but are there other physical manifestations one needs to be aware of?
Don: This is mainly felt. Since Orgone is subtle energy, the mind cannot understand the effects but the heart and body can. Sometimes the effects are visual, as when Orgonite devices are used to clear the smog from a major city (examples of this are Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Mexico City, Toronto, Santiago, New York, Miami, and Chicago) or when a desert has been reversed, as happened in the Kalahari six years ago. One can also clear up polluted water — it takes a week or so to see the water become clean — such as was done along many polluted coasts in Europe, North America, South America and Asia, and some of the American Great Lakes.
A simple test is to put an Orgonite device under one's nose and experience an immediate expansion of the lungs. It's also useful to hide Orgonite in an emotionally toxic work or home environment and notice the immediate improvement in ambiance and behavior.

Kristi: Can Orgone be harmful in any way — to humans, animals, plants, etc?
Don: This material is absolutely harmless. There are variations of Orgone, though, that are harmful such as the dark energy that's broadcast from the 'death towers' and weather warfare apparatuses around the planet. All of this is easily transformed into life force-generating transmitters with some Orgonite, placed nearby.  Many thousands of people are doing this now. is set up to record some of this work, and also to inform and inspire people to get busy with it. People who see subtle energy as auras note the many colors it can affect. The more harmful forms of Orgone are seen as reddish, to brown and even black; when you see smog, you are seeing the effects of this. Orgonite changes that into healthy life force, which some see mainly as sky blue. Variations of the healthier Orgone are also seen as green, indigo and violet.
Kristi: Don, I believe I read the Chembuster is of your own design.  How does this differ from the Cloudbuster? Or does it?
Don: Carol and I designed the first Orgonite Cloudbuster in December 2000, and built it a couple of months later (we never liked the term, 'Chembuster').  Within a couple of years, many thousands of people had built or bought an Orgonite Cloudbuster.  We gave the design away because we wanted the information to be disseminated quickly.  Enough people were upset about the chemtrails in those days that enough of these were built over a wide enough area to essentially neutralize that poisonous campaign. You still see chemtrails but it's obvious that they don't come to the ground any more, but merely seed long clouds that drift across the sky until they dissipate."

And finally, I wanted first hand knowledge from someone who has created their own Orgone pyramids and Cloudbusters, so I asked Ross to share some of his experiences.

Ross: I had an Orgone pyramid I made; it only has about a 5" base, but to me it’s big. One night I decided to sleep with my pyramid right next to me in bed. When I woke the next morning, my eyes were still closed and I could feel the pulsing of my pyramid next to me. It was like a heartbeat I could feel and hear, but it made no sound. Now I am sure it was my heartbeat the pyramid was synchronizing to, sending me healing energy. I think it’s brought me up in vibration because I don't feel that pulse anymore. This Orgone pyramid has Tiger Iron and Carnelian mostly, and one Selenite also for keeping it powered up. Carnelian keeps fear and anger away and keeps the unit clear, and the Tiger Eye is fantastic for character strength. Tiger Iron is made up of three stones. One of those stones is Hematite, a very protective stone that dispels any negativity coming from the outside.

To learn more about and discuss others experiences with Orgone, visit

This web site has some great information about Orgone, and how to make you’re your Orgonite and Cloudbusters:

To learn how to make your own Cloudbuster using Don Croft's design go to

Written by Kristi Huggins
Expert Contributor for Healing Crystals

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Posted on April 15, 2010

  This is the most fascinating article I've ever read form healingcrystals.
I have never heard of Orgonite and the amazing effects and right now, I'm so excited about having this stones in my hand.
This is just unbeleivable! If everyone uses this technology, we can creat a clean abundant world!!!!
I love crystals and gems!!!!!  (Submitted by: Kenji Mizogtuchi on May 02, 2010)

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