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"Crystals for the Third-Eye Chakra"
By Crystal CAT

This article of our Chakra series is all about the Third-Eye Chakra and its corresponding crystals.  Located in the center of the brow, this chakra is also appropriately called the Brow Chakra.  As the seat of intuition, the Third-Eye Chakra is seen to be connected to the Celestial Body of the Aura, and is a favorite of those who are interested in expanding their psychic abilities.  The color connected to the Third-Eye Chakra is indigo, its musical note is A, its metal is silver, and its planet is Jupiter.  It should be noted that it is best to open and activate this chakra when all the lower chakras are functioning properly.  

The Third-Eye Chakra rules the pineal gland, although there is some disagreement to this, as some believe it is the pituitary gland that is controlled by the Third-Eye Chakra.   Still others feel that the Third-Eye Chakra controls both the pineal and pituitary glands, and that one is yin while the other is yang (or male/female).  However, images of the brain show that the gland most resembling an internal eye is the pineal gland, even though it faces the back of the head, while the pituitary faces the front.  

The Third-Eye Chakra delivers energy to the part of the self that desires to know what is unseen.  From the Third-Eye Chakra comes intuition, imagination, insight, dreams, and intellect.  A healthy functioning Third-Eye Chakra allows one to have healthy detachment, mental clarity, knowledge of the connection to others, an ability to see the big picture (lateral thinking), an ability to visualize desires, and sometimes, active psychic abilities.  Those with an open and active Third-Eye Chakra are often initiates in the metaphysical and/or seen as being very spiritual, and can exhibit an affinity for manifestation work and/or dream work.

A closed Third-Eye Chakra can show up as unhealthy attachments, narrow-mindedness, fear, cynicism, severe linear-thinking, muddled thinking, and/or a lack of imagination.   Blockages can occur in the Third-Eye Chakra in childhood, when one has been discouraged from following their own inner guidance, which can quickly lead to self-doubt.  If no work is done to open and/or activate the Third-Eye Chakra, one can ultimately end up with physical issues such as learning disabilities, memory loss, and eye problems.  

An overactive Third-Eye Chakra can manifest as dishonesty, impatience, pride, egotism, arrogance, and authoritarianism.  This unbalanced Third-Eye Chakra can often be seen in those who tend to live in a fantasy world, having a distorted view of reality.  They can be manipulative and overbearing, but are often too dogmatic to open up to the possibility of change.  Physically, the too-open Third-Eye Chakra can result in sinus problems, neurological problems, headaches, nerve disorders, and sometimes stroke.

The best crystals for the Third-Eye Chakra are those of a deep indigo color, but also include those of very different colors.  Placing any of these stones directly on the Third-Eye can help stimulate the healthy function of this chakra.  Third-Eye Chakra stones we will discuss here are:

Amethyst (opening, balancing, and stimulating)
Moldavite (clearing, opening, and activating)
Herkimer Diamond (activating)
Howlite (opening and activating)
Iolite (clearing and opening)
Indigo Aura (stimulating)
Pietersite (activating)
Labradorite (regulates)
Ruby Zoisite (opening)
Stilbite (stimulating)
Unakite (grounding, aligning, and balancing)
Azurite (opening)

Amethyst is the most common crystal used with the Third-Eye Chakra, but it is also often used with the Crown Chakra as well.  A powerful spiritual tool, Amethyst can bring a balance and harmony to the Third-Eye Chakra, contributing to clarity of the mind and psychic opening.  Amethyst is often used for issues of addiction, with its ability to open the mind to the root causes behind addictive behaviors.  Physically, Amethyst can help to balance out brain and nerve disorders.

Moldavite is the premier Third-Eye Chakra stone, working with all of the Chakras, and is very popular in metaphysical circles.  Not from this Earth, Moldavite can clear, open, and activate the Third-Eye Chakra, bringing a connection to the higher realms.  Moldavite can clear blockages from all the chakras, activate and align the chakras, and connect the Heart to the Third-Eye Chakra.  Placing Moldavite on the Third-Eye Chakra can help to perfect its functioning, bringing more vivid dreams, deeper meaning to life, increased synchronicities, and even spiritual awakening.  Regularly wearing or carrying Moldavite can enhance this effect and keep one open to new perceptions.  Via its strong connection to these two chakras, Moldavite enhances the flow of energy between the Heart and Third-Eye, bridging the gap between intellectual and emotional understanding, and allowing one to intuitively live from the heart.  A little caution with this powerful stone, Moldavite can often work quickly and intensely, so be sure you are ready for change when working with this stone!

Herkimer Diamond is another common Third-Eye Chakra stone, which is often used to enhance one‘s inner vision.  Herkimer Diamond works with both the Third-Eye Chakra as well as the Crown Chakra, creating a bridge between these two chakras and enabling one to better understand the Divine purpose behind any intuitive insights. Herkimer Diamond can enhance meditative states, memory function, and visualization, and brings a higher level of awareness.

Howlite works extremely well with the Third-Eye Chakra.  Howlite can gently open and activate the Third-Eye Chakra, bringing patience and understanding.  By opening up the Third-Eye Chakra, Howlite is a great aid for those having trouble standing up for their beliefs.  Placing Howlite on the Third-Eye Chakra can help to quiet the mind for meditation.  Physically, calming Howlite can help to relieve insomnia.

Iolite is well-known for its ability to clear, open, and activate the Third-Eye Chakra. This gentle but powerful crystal can help one to better recognize the patterns in life, allowing for a release of any control issues.  Iolite can be placed directly on the Third-Eye Chakra during meditation to help open up psychic abilities and enhance self-trust.  Iolite can also be used to bring greater mental clarity on any subject and can be helpful for students and anyone who is going through a learning process.  Physically, Iolite can facilitate detoxification and healing in the liver.

Indigo Aura, which is also known as Tanzan Aura, is created when Clear Quartz crystals are super-heated in a vacuum and infused with vaporized Gold & Indium. Indigo Aura has a a unique vibration that is wonderful for meditation and healing.   Those who are actively working for ascension will notice over time how working with this crystal can help to raise ones vibrations.  Indigo Aura works with all three of the upper chakras, helping to maintain a strong connection between them, allowing energy and information to transfer to each of them.  Indigo Aura facilitates the release of chronic negativity.

Pietersite is another stone that can activate the Third-Eye Chakra and facilitate access to the Akashic record.  A powerful yet subtle Third-Eye stone, Pietersite helps those who are forever trying to make contact with the higher self.  Pietersite is great for past life work, and can assist in recognizing past instances in which one was forced to live an inauthentic life, so they can be released to make room for much needed, future growth.   Physically, Pietersite can stimulate the pituitary gland, and regulate metabolism and endocrine functions.  Pietersite can be used to enhance the meditative state sometimes to the point of trance.

Labradorite is a supportive stone of transformation that works with the Third-Eye to bring a greater, intuitive understanding of purposes to any struggles in ones life.  By placing Labradorite on the Third-Eye during meditation, intuition and intellect can be brought into balance.  Labradorite can be used for past life work, and access to the Akashic record.  Continuous work with Labradorite will help to improve the skill of discernment.  Labradorite can ameliorate ailments of the brain and eyes, and is said to help regulate the metabolism.

Ruby Zoisite is often known for its Heart Chakra correspondence, but it has some strong opening energies in the realm of the Third-Eye Chakra.  In fact, Ruby Zoisite can work with both chakras to pull insights in from the Third-Eye to be integrated by the Heart Chakra, which is how people understand things on a deeper level than previously considered.  It is believed that this action may awaken latent psychic abilities, especially when used during meditation.  Ruby Zoisite is prized for its ability to transmute negative energies and to transmit a sense of optimism in the user.

Stilbite is a Zeolite that has stimulating Third-Eye energies to be discovered.   Stilbite can help bring deeper states of mind which can enhances meditative experiences, especially during void meditations.  Stilbite carries ancient energies that can assist in past life work.  Highly spiritual Stilbite promotes self-discovery by opening the Third-Eye Chakra to higher vibrational energies.   Stilbite is conducive for astral travel and can create an increase in intuition.

Unakite is a unique Third-Eye stone in that it can help to ground the higher information received from the Third-Eye into the Root Chakra.  This is especially helpful for meditation experiences that are often forgotten as soon as the session is over.  This same property can work in reverse as a form of emotional therapy, pulling repressed feelings up from the Root Chakra to be understood via the Third-Eye Chakra.  Unakite also works with the Heart Chakra to help the individual better understand the relation between events in life and the natural order of the Universe.  Unakite aligns the Root, Heart, and Third-Eye Chakras, bringing a more centered feeling to the user.  Unakite is also great for lucid dreaming and astral travel.

Azurite is an important Third-Eye Chakra crystal that also works with the Throat Chakra.  As such, it encourages a healthy connection between these two chakras, bridging the gap between spiritual enlightenment and the conscious mind.  Working with Azurite can open up one’s connection to ethereal worlds, enhancing one’s inner vision.  Meditating with Azurite upon the Third-Eye Chakra can open up the mind to new ideas and insights coming from the Crown Chakra to be communicated via the Throat Chakra.  Physically, Azurite can relieve migraine headaches.

Working with the Third-Eye Chakra and its stones can help to open the mind to new possibilities, open one up to the world of the unseen, and facilitate a deeper understanding of one‘s life.  The stones listed here are not all that can be used with the Third-Eye Chakra.  Experiment with new crystals and combinations to see what works best for you.  Working with the Third-Eye Chakra can have unseen benefits.

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Next, we will look at the Crown Chakra…

Peace and Blessings,

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Posted on April 15, 2008

  I'm new to all this crystal usage. I appreciate the information.  (Submitted by: Kathryn Whitney on August 28, 2016)

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