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Tumbled Chips


"Hello. I purchased some pink crystals from you guys and I was wondering if you had any idea on how to crush them? I want to put them into some things and a hammer is just not working! Do you sell smashed crystals or really small pieces? Is there any way I can purchase the "dust" particles that fall off of the crystals from you guys? Or any suggestions? Thank you!"



Hi A,

Thanks for your support of Healing Crystals. I hope you are enjoying your new crystals.

I personally make Orgonite and like to include small pieces of crystal in them. I have tried crushing crystals myself and this is not an easy task. You can crush softer crystals with a hammer, like Kyanite and Selenite. However, as you probably know, this doesn’t work well with harder crystals, like Quartz, and usually results in some large chunks that you can’t break and is very difficult to do. These chunks can also have sharp edges. For harder crystals like this, I purchase tiny chips to use instead. You can find our collection of crystal chips here: Crystal Chips

We don’t currently sell crystal dust and I’m not sure where you can purchase it. If you have any mines local, you may wish to ask them because they sometimes have dust left over. If you are trying to make it instead of purchasing, I would recommend you only work with softer crystals. I wrap them in a cloth and then hit them with the hammer so all the small particles stay inside and are easy to collect. I have done this with Blue Kyanite and Desert Rose Selenite (which turns into a powder when smashed).

Please let me know if you have any other questions. I hope your journey is blessed with Love and Light.

Crystal Blessings,
Stephanie A.

DISCLAIMER: We feel that crystals can complement other therapies and support energetic well being. Crystals should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment. For medical advice, please consult a licensed healthcare specialist.

Posted on September 02, 2014

  Very helpful!! Thank you for the question and answer. ????  (Submitted by: Lindsey on August 12, 2022)
  Thank you. This is extremely helpful. I make orgonite & always looking for quality crystal chips  (Submitted by: Dolphinspirit on July 05, 2019)

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