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Announcement - Paras Kaul will be joining our Healing Crysta...
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Announcement - Paras Kaul will be joining our Healing Crystals Showroom and Wellness Center
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ANNOUNCEMENT - Starting June 1, 2018 Paras Kaul will be joining our Healing Crystals Showroom and Wellness Center located at 44330 Mercure Circle in Dulles, Virginia.  

Paras will be helping us to bring more classes and teachers to our location    Paras will also be helping to us to host some research projects to help assess the changes that crystals, meditation and energy healing can bring to the brain wave states.   

To see what classes are coming up, visit our Meetup page or our Facebook Event Calendar.    To hear more, read this wonderful article on the effects of meditation on our brain waves by Paras Kaul.


Brain Wave Morphing and Meditation 

Are you ready to ride the wave to an alternative approach to health? If so, brain wave morphing is a new technique for you to try. Implants are not required! Using interactive brain wave technology for analysis and neural-feedback, in conjunction with meditation, the mind influences the brain to function in an optimal brain wave state for good health. The brain wave morphing process is enhanced by meditation, which calms mental chatter and focuses attention to internal awareness— thus creating a symbiotic energy exchange between the mind, brain, body, and environment. Brain waves morph relative to the degree of harmony between these aspects. The brain is a control center for the body, and the mind has the ability to influence the brain to generate brain waves that respond to positive mental thought and suggestion.

Changes in digital animation occur relative to changes in brain wave frequencies. Understanding the morphing process provides information about mental states associated with brain wave activity. The process provides a fun and exciting new learning experience. The excitement comes from seeing and hearing how the brain is functioning, which gives an indication of the brain’s health. The mind has the ability to influence and manipulate the brain to emit high or low frequency neural signals based on stress levels. Meditation facilitates the morphing process by lowering brain wave frequencies to alpha and theta and increasing coherence between the brain’s left and right hemispheres. When this type of brain wave state is reached, stress factors are reduced and a feeling of wellness occurs. The process of brain wave morphing refers to the mind’s positive influence on the brain, which affects the body’s wellness, as evidenced by the objects that are animated with neural-feedback from the brain.


Similar to the way exercise makes the body stronger, brain wave morphing is an exercise in mindfulness that increases the brain’s ability to self-regulate energy in order to maintain a balance between the mind, brain, and body. The better this balance is, the stronger the connection is to the environment. One encounters a new kind of challenge when observing how the mind, functioning in a peaceful mental state produces smooth animation and calm music, compared to chaotic animation and music produced when the mind is in an agitated mental state.

Fig. 1. Brain wave interface with a headband and wireless Bluetooth device running on an Apple MacBook Pro


Brain wave morphing utilizes a brain wave interface system with electroencephalograph (EEG) software to analyze neural signaling in the right and left hemispheres of the brain. A person wears a simple headband with 3 electrodes attached to the inside of the headband. Neural signaling from the brain inputs to the computer for data collection using the system’s software. EEG analysis delineates the signals into frequency, amplitude, and coherence values. These values are assigned to software switches programmed to start and stop the movement of 3-D digital objects in a virtual reality environment.

Fig. 2. Calm brain waves with predominant alpha activity coherently balanced between the left hemisphere (image left) and right hemisphere (image right) of the brain.

Using the brain wave system and EEG to monitor the neural activity of hundreds of individuals, evidence supports that optimal brain wave states for good health occur when brain waves signal in low frequency alpha and theta—with significant coherence between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Low alpha frequencies range from 8 to 12 Hz, and theta frequencies range from 5 to 7 Hz. Neural-feedback—via the system software—analyzes frequencies from 0 to 40 Hz. In general, the range of human neural activity extends from 1 to 30 Hz. High beta, agitated brainwave frequencies range from 21 to 30 Hz.


The morphing experience begins by strapping on the headband with electrode studs and securing it to the forehead. Next a settling process begins, as one relaxes and focuses attention on a virtual reality environment where digital objects appear on a computer monitor. Meditating before beginning the morphing process quiets the mind and settles the brain waves into lower frequencies. Relaxation calms mental thoughts and filters out noise factors in the mind. When the mind is calm and the mental chatter ceases, a positive connection is made between the mind, brain, body, and environment

Simultaneously, one observes that objects in the virtual reality environment begin to move—controlled by coherent brain wave rhythms. Observing a raw data window in the software, the brain’s predominant frequencies and amplitudes begin to lower from the high beta neural activity experienced when initially donning the electrode-studded headband. The peak amplitude values of the signals are also lower. There is greater similarity (coherence) between the right and left hemisphere activity. The brain waves have morphed to sufficiently interact with objects and sound in the virtual reality environment.

While relaxing to a greater degree, more changes occur in the animation, and there are also changes in the audio. This is the time to identify the mental, physical, and environmental conditions associated with changes in the animation. Continued relaxation increases mental clarity, which enables new ways of interacting with the virtual reality environment. The more time that is spent mentally sustaining brain wave activity in coherent low frequencies, the better the brain wave music sounds, and the smoother the animation becomes. The more one is able to control the animation in the virtual environment, the greater the ability becomes to direct the brain’s activity in the real environment.


The result of brain wave morphing is an increased feeling of wellness as anxiety and stress are reduced. As the flow of nonverbal mental chatter lessens, focused attention and clear, focused thought increases. With these changes, the mind is able to influence the brain’s ability for enhanced perceptual awareness, and there is an increased potential to actualize latent capabilities, such as self-healing and nonverbal

communication. With extended morphing practice in the virtual environment, physical changes may occur, such as decreased heart rate and lower blood pressure. Respiration becomes regulated and deep, diaphragmatic breathing increases. Blood becomes more oxygenated, which creates a balance in body chemistries. Morphing brain waves to optimal states influences overall health and self-awareness. As a result, the morphing practice decreases stress and anxiety, potentially breaking unwanted habitual behavior, reducing post-traumatic stress, and regulating attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders (ADHD). Once experiencing positive results with brain wave morphing, one realizes the potential for the process to become a major practice used for rehabilitation.


Brain wave morphing utilizes a skill referred to as brain wave switching. Using this switching methodology, a user learns to consciously switch neural signaling from one predominant frequency range to another and also to raise and lower peak values of brain wave amplitudes monitored by EEG in the software. The switching occurs between beta, alpha, theta, and delta frequencies. Continuous morphing practice enables the mind to more easily direct the brain’s performance to achieve optimal states required for tasks at hand.

Brain wave morphing has the potential to transform preventative health care practices by demonstrating the power the mind has over the brain, which regulates the physical body. It is necessary to further expand brain wave capacity to develop innate human capabilities in order to prepare for the future, as once again the times need to be changing. Capabilities enlivened via brain wave morphing are powerful manifestations of human brainpower, which need to be used to self-regulate personal health and wellness.

Written by Paras Kaul

Posted on April 11, 2018
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