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About Animal Symbolism & Animal Totem Meanings:

Animal symbolism & Animal Totems or Animal Medicine is shared across cultures all over the world, mainly passed on through stories and teachings in Indigenous cultures. Mother Earth has many lessons to teach us, and she connects us with our animal brethren to remind us that we share this world with an unimaginable amount of intuitive and intelligent beings. A symbolic encounter can be at any level – it could be a random sighting of an animal you don’t normally see, or an animal appearing in your dreams. Basically, the animal making itself known to you. Take these encounters to heart and use the lessons animal medicine teaches us to improve ourselves and respect the natural world around us.

Animal Symbolism & Animal Totem Meanings for Butterfly:

Butterflies spend their entire lives never knowing how beautiful they actually are. Instead, they go through a transformation to become who they are supposed to be. As a caterpillar, they will willingly enter a time of darkness and unknown, only to emerge a more beautiful self. Allow yourself the time you need to regain your strength, and you will also emerge more beautiful than you could have ever expected.  

Crystals for Butterfly:

Free Form Malachite Tumbled Labradorite Rainbow Aura Quartz Lingams

Malachite, Labradorite and Aura Quartz can all be used to connect with the Butterfly.

More information about animal symbolism & animal totem meanings can be found in our Animal Totem Deck #1

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Mother Earth Blessings,
Lizzy Baxter

Posted on September 24, 2018
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