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Healing Crystals CANGQC CANGQC
I got the Jumbo++ on sale ,, what an incredible deal , this is a beautiful Quartz Angel with wonderful energy ! It's bigger than the palm of my hand and is a great example of Clear Quartz , I NEEDED this one !!!! Well packed and arrived very quickly . Well done Healing Crystal ! ( again )
5 5
Got all my crystal quickly. They all looked liked what I expected. Glad I went with the large crystal angels. They were all just beautiful. Thank you :)
5 5
This is my first quartz angel and I love it, I wish that I ordered the large instead of medium. Beautiful nonetheless!
5 5
So very pretty in a quiet way. I think there is someone waiting for this little angel...
5 5

Angels - Clear Quartz Crystal Angel    [CANGQC]

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