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Have you ever experienced the hidden beauty of amethyst geodes? Imagine a plain rock, ordinary and nondescript. Now imagine splitting this rock open only to reveal a breathtaking interior, filled with amethyst crystals and beautiful bands of agate to behold. That is what happens when you encounter the amazing gems known as amethyst geodes.

Amethyst Geodes - Image Source: FlitsArt / Pixabay

What Is An Amethyst Geode?

What exactly are amethyst geodes and how are they formed? When a gas cavity (known as a vesicle) forms in lava and becomes filled with minerals, it becomes a geode. Often, various types of quartz are the minerals that are formed in geodes, including amethyst geodes. Lava, particularly basalt lava, reaches temperatures over 1000 degrees Celsius when it erupts on the Earth’s surface. Once the lava begins to cool, gas is released, leaving behind small cavities where any gas bubbles may have been trapped. Only when the lava wears away, are the geodes left behind in nuggets until they are cut open. In doing so, various colored bands of agate are shown inside the geodes. Often, both the crystals, and the agate form together inside the geodes. Other times, the cavities are filled with groundwater instead of gas, also resulting in the formation of quartz, agate and other minerals. Traces of iron in the Earth as the crystals are forming contribute to the color of amethyst, ranging from light to deep purple shades.

Geodes have a hollow interior that is protected by their outer wall that was formed from the lava. This protective wall is harder and more durable than the surrounding bedrock, allowing for the formation to remain intact during natural erosion and weathering. In addition to being found in the deposits from volcanoes, amethyst geodes can also be found in areas of limestone, shale and dolomite, resulting from rock sedimentation. Voids filled with gas in the deposits of these areas allow for geode formation when organic materials (such as tree branches) decompose, and minerals such as quartz start to form in the cavities. Not usually as large as geodes from volcanic areas, the amethyst geodes found in these sedimentary areas are just as significant.

The term “geode” is derived from the Greek, meaning “earthlike,” and can be found globally, particularly in the Americas. Uruguay, Brazil, Mexico and Namibia have become primary countries when it comes to the geode market. In fact, both Brazil and Uruguay are home to copious amounts of amethyst geodes in the basalt regions, formed over 160 million years ago after a rift in the tectonic plates of both Africa and South America. Amethyst geodes often appeal to people due to the stunning interior of what on the outside can appear quite plain. The formations of amethyst clusters inside, at times complemented with bands of agate, offer a unique and beautiful peek at the inside of the natural formation of amethyst geodes.

Amethyst Geodes - Inside a Geode

The History of Amethyst Geodes

Amethyst itself is a form of the quartz crystal, that is purple in color, dating back thousands of years. Revered by the Egyptians, the Romans and the Greeks, this stone was thought to be one of royalty. Throughout history, amethyst was coveted as a means to bring in abundance of wealth and prosperity. Stemming from the Greek legends, they speak of a young woman magically turned into a quartz stone to protect herself from a vengeful Greek God, whose tears of remorse fell into his wine goblet once he realized her fate as a result of his actions. The glass of wine then spilled over the quartz, staining it the purple hue we today associate with the amethyst gem. As a result, the term “amethyst” translates from “amethystos,” the Greek word indicating “sober.”  It was believed long ago by the Greeks that keeping amethyst on or with them would prevent intoxication. Throughout history, the gem was used for many beliefs, such as victory in war, hunting, disease prevention, avoidance of evil and enhancing intelligence. In religion, amethyst adorned artifacts of the church, resembling celibacy and devotion. Today this gem remains just as beloved and popular in its various forms (natural, geodes, tumbled, cut and polished).

Steps to Meditate with Amethyst Geodes

Amethyst has always held value at helping people achieve a still mind and for also reaching a spiritual connection via meditation. When one is able to maintain an internal state of calm, it becomes easier to avoid self-doubt, allowing for a steadier state of peace and clarity within oneself. We can hold this stillness, this inner peace, in our hearts, and use amethyst geodes as a means to reach this way of being through deep meditation. This particular stone is ideal for reaching stages of enlightenment, and can be complemented with stones such as citrine and other forms of quartz to amplify the experience. Amethyst is great at sweeping away aspects of the ego that may hold us back from evolving spiritually.

Cleansing Amethyst Geodes

When meditating with amethyst geodes, it is a good idea to first become acquainted with the pieces you plan on using. To begin, cleanse the crystal to remove any residual energy. Sage and incense serve as a great method for cleansing geodes by way of smudging. Alternately, one may leave the crystal on the windowsill to soak up the moonlight or the sunlight (however, with amethyst too much light may cause the purple hues to fade). Energy healing, sound from bowls or singing bowls and running water (such as a stream) are also effective techniques for cleaning the geodes.

Programming Amethyst Geodes

Once your amethyst geodes have been cleansed, dedicate the pieces with the desired intention. For example, since amethyst is such a powerful stone when it comes to calming and releasing, you may choose to dedicate the stone for love, healing, or protection. Your intention can also just be for the overall greatest and highest good. Geodes are known for holding abundance, so this may be a great tool when it comes to manifesting prosperity. Ways to program your geodes include speaking aloud your intentions, praying and visualizing.

Meditating with Amethyst Geodes

Now that your geodes are ready for meditation, you may hold a piece in the palm of your hand for meditation, preferably that of your non-dominant hand for receiving purposes. For more physical healing needs, you may place your amethyst geodes around your body near areas that need specific attention, or along your body chakras for overall healing, spiritual growth and maintenance. Allow your environment to be free of disruption, with softer lighting and calming music as tranquil options. Focus on your breathing, and visualize your body becoming filled with white and gold light of protection and healing. You may call upon your higher self during your meditation, using the amethyst geodes as a boost in connecting to higher sources. Using the amethyst in this manner is a great way to raise your vibration and your intuition. Another benefit to meditation with geodes is the stability that can be achieved in one’s inner self.

One can also meditate with amethyst geodes by holding a piece in reflection and taking the gem into focus. Study the shape, the feel, the look, the weight of the geode while gazing intently at it. Concentrate on your breathing and see where your attention wanders. Observe any thoughts, situations, images that may come to mind. Always bring yourself back to the focus of the amethyst geode as you explore during your meditation, and once you have completed your journey take the time to contemplate over what occurred and observe any new feelings that you may be undergoing.

When your time is done in your meditative state, a great way to be reminded of your abundant inner peace is by wearing amethyst in the form of jewelry or carrying a piece in your pocket. Amethyst geodes can be made into beautiful earrings, necklace pendants and more.   

Amethyst Geodes - Druze Cluster

Types of Amethyst Geodes

Amethyst geodes are used not just for healing and spiritual purposes, but also as forms of jewelry, desk accessories, bookends and other forms of home decor. Quality amethyst geodes found on display in museums often sell for prices in the five-digit figure range! The large amethyst geodes one may find on display in homes are often expertly cut then weighted at the base for free-standing decor. The tall and thin amethyst geodes with an arch are known as amethyst geode cathedrals. As their name suggests, they resemble cathedrals. These particular geodes are created by using a diamond saw to cut the geode in half down the length, then adding cement on the outside and base for stabilization, which is later painted black. The amethyst crystals are then both sanded and polished. The world’s largest amethyst geode cathedral is known as the Empress of Uruguay, standing over 11 feet (3.35m) tall and weighing well more than two tons! The piece is originally from Uruguay, but it is currently on display in Australia, still unaltered from its natural state.

Amethyst Geodes - Cathedral Specimen

Healing Properties of Amethyst Geodes

Amethyst geodes serve as an ideal means for eliminating any negative and unwanted energies from our living spaces as well as that of our bodies. While removing negativity from both the home and body, the geodes can also bring in abundant positive energy. They are a great way to purify your surrounding environment.

Physical Healing

Physically, amethyst geodes can work on strengthening the immune system and realigning the balance in our bodies. Ailments such as headaches, tension, addiction and respiratory issues all benefit from the healing power of amethyst. It is known to cleanse the blood and boost the circulatory system, as well as regulate intestinal issues and head afflictions. A great tool for insomnia, amethyst geodes also assist with varied emotions, such as anger, anxiety, fear and grief. Confusion and inner turmoil subsides as this gem brings in calm and clarity, peace and understanding. Psychic awareness, spiritual insights and understanding can be increased with amethyst geodes, as is the increased love that can be transmuted from the negative emotions that are cleared away. As amethyst reaches a wide range of healing concerns, working with these geodes offers the potential for increased health and vitality.

Chakra Healing

Amethyst geodes are known for promoting spiritual growth and protection. Working with the crown and third eye chakras, amethyst assists with calming our mind and emotions through the elimination of stress and anxiety. The third eye (or brow) chakra promotes awareness and perception, allowing for more balanced and healthy thoughts. Affecting the flow of energy through all the other chakras, the third eye chakra enables visions and ideas to manifest when aligned. Due to this, amethyst geodes are ideal for working with this chakra. The crown chakra enables access to a higher connection beyond our physical state to universal energy and truth. All of the chakras come into balance when the crown chakra is aligned, and amethyst is an ideal companion in this endeavor. With amethyst, the clearing of the mind allows for a deeper meditative state and a deeper connection with oneself. Also, amethyst serves as a great aid when it comes to both creative thinking and spiritual awareness.

Spiritual Healing

When it comes to spiritual healing, amethyst geodes are able to connect to a high spiritual vibration, enabling our conscious mind to achieve a higher awareness and understanding. This stone is considered to be very protective and powerful, and serves as a preferred tool when it comes to reaching and contacting spirit guides. A great way to connect to a higher awareness is by placing a piece from an amethyst geode on the third eye chakra during meditation!

Healing Within Your Space

Amethyst geodes are ideal to fill the home, as they are powerful and bring about such a positive effect. Central rooms, altars and under pillows are great places for displaying or placing amethyst geodes. Both soothing and calming, they are a great aid for promoting better sleep. In terms of business prosperity, placing amethyst geodes in the office aides with abundance and opportunity. Place amethyst geodes around candles, water pitchers and other crystals around the home for a happy boost in vibration.

Amethyst Geodes - Cathedral Specimen

The Powerful Versatility of Amethyst Geodes

When it comes to crystal healing, amethyst serves as a powerful and multi-purpose stone. Great for spiritual, physical and emotional well-being, these geodes are also quite beautiful and earthy additions to the home. Whether you are looking to work on your health, reach higher states of being, raise your vibration or simply enjoy their presence in your home, amethyst geodes offer a fantastic answer to these desires. It is easy to feel connected to oneself and the universe by way of such lovely and multifaceted stones such as that of the intricate amethyst geodes.


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Posted on April 24, 2019
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