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A Sample Grid for Love

By Lourdes Lebron


Here is a sample heart grid to use with the Healing Crystals Hearts. Use this grid to attract more love into your life.

Although Rose Quartz has been used, you can also use Clear Quartz and/or Rose Quartz together or separately. Infuse the crystals with your intention (to bring more love into your life) by holding it in your hand and imagining the pink light of love filling the crystal.

You can leave the grid as is, enlarge the grid, minimize the grid, cut out the inner circular pattern, or cut the lines following the petal pattern. The important thing is for the heart grid to suit you and your needs.

To charge the grid you can either use a terminated crystal or your hand to move the energy from crystal to crystal. While moving the energy visualize light not only connecting the crystals, but moving beyond the room and out of the house.

Charge the grid starting with the center stone and moving the energy in the following manner:

A. move to the north

B. from north, move to the east

C. return to center

D. move to east

E. from east, move to south

F. return to center

G. move to south

H. from south, move to west

I. return to center

J. mover to west

K. from west, move to north

L. return to center (do this entire cycle 2 more times for a total of 3 times around the grid).

Posted on February 13, 2012
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