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Meditating with crystals is not a new thing; in fact it is known to go as far back as Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, as well as being used in Chinese medicine and in the Buddhist faith. 

It is the positive energy thought to be transferred from the crystals that has seen their use adopted more widely over the years.

Healing and meditation using crystals are often considered to be new age philosophies, but the Chinese have long believed them to contain a life energy known as qi, while Buddhists often use them to send energies around the body and mind whilst in a state of zen.

Meditating with Crystals (Photo by Deena:

Choosing your crystals

The main thing to look out for when choosing crystals is to pick ones that you are immediately drawn to. There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to crystal selection. Specific crystals do have specific properties, but if you feel a particular affinity to any of them, then don’t discard it.

Clear Quartz CabochonRose Quartz HeartsSelenite Sphere

If you have never used crystals before, Clear Quartz is a good one to begin with. It is known as a ‘master crystal’ due to its ability to take on any energies you wish. Selenite is another which is particularly powerful when it comes to meditation. Rose Quartz is multi-faceted in that it is thought to remove negative energies and instead replace them with self love and inner peace.

Chalcopyrite (Unoxided) CabochonGolden Tiger Eye DT PendantAmethyst ChunksTumbled Mookaite

Peacock Ore for feelings of joy and happiness and Tigers Eye thought to inspire courage and confidence are popular crystals for specific eventual purposes. Mookaite, or mookaite jasper, is ideal for stressful situations and the well-known purple gemstone Amethyst can help to clear your mind in readiness for your meditation.

Making a connection

Once you have chosen your crystals, you need to get to know them and their energies. One of the best ways of achieving this is to sleep with them under your pillow or alongside you on a bedside table. Carry them around with you in a pocket or handbag and make them your constant companions.

Additionally, if you have a particular problem or issue you want to address, talk to your crystal about it. By putting it into words and transmitting your negative feelings about it, the crystal will become programmed to help you deal with it.

Cleansing your crystal before you start your meditation can be beneficial, to help rid it of outside influences. You can do this by literally washing it under running water or immersing it in salt water – although do check the chemical properties of your crystal before you try this. 

Alternatively, wave it through some incense smoke or put it in a bowl of brown rice to soak up the negativity. Harnessing the power of the sun or the moon can also be used to help charge the crystal and prepare it for meditation.

Focus, focus, focus

Now, it comes to actual meditation. Consider what it is you are trying to achieve from your session, and how you want to feel. Focus on your intentions and you cannot go far wrong. 

It is widely considered that having the crystals in your right hand – the respected one – while you meditate works best. But you may prefer to hold one in each hand, for a sense of balance.

You may wish to meditate in silence, while others choose to put on some music or a song – even singing to their crystals to try to activate them to their fullest potential. Do what feels best for you, it is your body and mind, and your time to let go and relax.

Find your body’s most comfortable position and listen carefully to what the crystals are saying to you as you meditate. Positive psychology and mindfulness are increasingly important in meditation. Dispel any negative energies that result in feelings of stress, burnout and poor sleep hygiene - instead focus on the good things and how to achieve them. Combine your meditation with appropriate stress treatments or wellness therapies for an overall physical and mental health overhaul.

Use your body

Chakras are the energy centres of the body and are widely used in meditating and crystal use. Place your crystals on your body to connect to these various chakras for a fully holistic experience.

Chakra Merkaba Set

One of the most important chakras, essential in helping to ground you, is your third eye chakra, or the area on your forehead between your eyes. Putting a crystal here will allow you to really give yourself over to your meditation and provides an overwhelming sense of calm and wellbeing. Another option is working with a crystal for the Root Chakra which is located at the base of your spine or at your feet. The Root Chakra helps you feel grounded and present during a meditation session - this is especially helpful if during your meditation you feel spaced out. 

You need to feel fully aware of your body and the space it inhabits. Feel the contact of it on the floor or yoga mat, sofa or bed – wherever you feel most comfortable – and draw yourself in. Sense each limb and each extremity and allow them to relax. Listen to your heart beat.

Take it slow

Don’t rush! Breathe in and out slowly and take your time when meditating. You won’t feel as much benefit if you rush through it. Rather than getting it over with, think deeply about what the crystals are saying and use the time to process it, and your feelings. 

You may want to write some of it down after your session too. So, make sure you give yourself as long as you need and use this time to connect to your intuition on a deeper level.

Getting up too quickly after meditating can also be detrimental, on both your body and mind. Because you will hopefully have been in a relaxed meditative state, you could feel slightly lightheaded when you return to reality. Let yourself go with it and only rise when you feel ready and grounded in your surroundings.

Final thoughts 

Crystals are only a small part of any meditative practice, but they are here to stay. Once you have found a crystal that works for you, stick with it. Of course, you can change it up depending on what you need in your life at that moment. But, a powerful crystal that is personal to you is unparalleled.


A Guide to Meditating with Crystals by Jacob Lane
Jacob enjoys sharing his ideas around sustainability within the fashion industry, collaborating with brands, and connecting with up-and-coming designers. Follow Jacob over on Twitter: @JacobTweetsFashion

Posted on September 06, 2022
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