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A Girl and Her Wand

By T. Renee Richardson

T. Renee, the chocoholic in Hawai’i, here again with another beautiful healing crystal story!

Last week while I was at my vendor table at the Kaua’i Coast Resort in Kapa’a, a little girl about 7 years old came up to the table. She honed in on a small Rose Quartz gemstone wand that she felt drawn to right away. We spoke about the healing properties – especially unconditional love. She shared that that is what she needed, as she wanted to stop fighting with her sister. She felt she needed to love her sister more instead of fighting.

The insightful little girl went to talk with her mother about making the purchase. She returned with not only her mother, but also her two sisters. Each of the little girls honed in quickly on a small gemstone wand that they each felt drawn to – for the middle girl, who explained to me that she needed calming, it was Fluorite that she felt most strongly. For the oldest sister, it was Sea Opal, aka Opalite, which I’ve found helpful in my work when I want to draw in people and conditions conducive to a community project. That is just what she described as what she needed!

The family was staying on island for another couple days and wanted to wait before making their decision. Ha-ha, all but the youngest daughter - she thought they should act now! She went to talk with their dad, who was in their unit. Evidently she was persuasive, because she returned within minutes, with her two older sisters, and they each got the wands of their choice! I loved seeing their happy faces light up as we spoke in more detail about how to hold and use their wands effectively. They of course took my business card with email address to keep in touch and keep me appraised about their activities and healing progress. I encouraged them to tour the chocolate farm before they left the island!

Two nights later as I was setting my table up, the mother came by, specifically to tell me how much the girls were enjoying their wands! The youngest daughter kept busy pointing her Rose Quartz wand at her sister, instead of fighting with her. The middle daughter held her Fluorite wand as she sat still, to find and keep herself calm. The oldest daughter, as the mother reported, had chosen to email me later about her progress, rather than have the mother make the report.

How cool! I’ve attached a picture of some of the small gemstone healing wands. They’ve been popular with tourists, as they can be packed easily and given as gifts. On the tip of each of the wands is a crystal point I’ve gotten from you wonderful folks at Healing Crystals. Some have been working together in bowls for many years. I’ve become very sensitive to crystal energy over the years, and heard them all singing. I asked them to please create a concise message together, rather than the cacophony that had begun to be a bit overwhelming. They complied with my request. Their collective, concise message to me: “We are tired of sitting in this bowl!” With attitude! Okay, fine! They wanted to go out into the world with their own respective paths, after working collectively with me both at home and in my office. Now that’s what they’re doing.

Thank you again, you guys! We’re spreading healing - one, and sometimes many crystals at a time - all over the world!

Miracles and blessings,

Renee, the chocoholic on Kaua’i

Posted on January 26, 2016
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