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A Dog and a Special Crystal

By T. Renee Richardson

Admittedly, my skills as a photographer aren’t my forte. The healing wand pictured, including crystals I’ve gotten from you wonderful folks at Healing Crystals, facilitated the amazing story I’m sharing. I’ve included a couple pics of the puppy referenced as well. His name is Ka’nui. I call him Puppy Kamakawiwo’ole, as he is a big little guy and reminds me of Brudda Iz (Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, a beloved Hawai’ian musician who passed away years ago).

A good friend and colleague of mine called me, quite upset, explaining that her puppy was very ill – in pain and seemed to have lost his sight. She’d received a very serious diagnosis and was concerned for his life. I also felt concern for the cute little guy, having seen him shortly after his birth. He’s only 9 weeks old. None of us wanted him in pain, of course. He wasn’t resting well and seemed to be having seizures, unable to get comfortable, and didn’t open his eyes. When he did open his eyes, only the whites showed.

I’m no veterinarian; I provide energy healing. Who could say no to a sweet fluffy puppy! So I sent the puppy energy via distance healing and then went over to see him in person. At first as I sent the energy, he ran around and around the house, but didn’t bump into anything even though his eyes weren’t open fully. Then he became very calm, sat still, and watched the tip of the healing wand – through CLOSED eyes. After that, he slept soundly for a few hours. Then he got up, ate, and slept peacefully through the night for the first time in about a week.

He continued to improve as the days passed, sleeping soundly, showing no symptoms of pain or seizure, and kept his eyes open. A couple days ago he went to the vet, and they were happily astounded at his state of health. He can see just fine, and has no symptoms of having any life-threatening condition.

All’s well! Thank you, my wonderful friends at Healing Crystals, for your contributions to this wand, including Amethyst, Ametrine, Iolite, Kyanite, Labradorite, and Rose Quartz. Some have been with me charging up for years. I appreciate the care you put into your work in how you treat the crystals and the blessing you send along with them in their travels. When they arrive here, they are fully charged and clear at the same time. From me, my friends, my family, and my clients, thank you heartily for your contribution to deeper and deeper healing – regardless of species!

Last but not least, the crystals are affixed to Buddha Belly Bamboo, which grows here on Kaua’i. This is my first time using it; I’d not even heard of it. Seems quite powerful!

Miracles and blessings,

T. Renee Richardson (chocoholic from Kaua’i)

Posted on January 26, 2016

  This brought me to tears! Crystals are so majikal and so are dogs! Thank you for sharing this! The doggy looks just like my daughters dog dazy! Her boyfriend took her and gave her away just to hurt my daughter! He hurt both of us deeply by doing this n i can only hope he hurts like this one day! Hes an evil man! Sorry thank you again for sharing! What a beautiful story!!  (Submitted by: Linda Muladore on November 18, 2018)

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