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We are so excited to do be doing 12 Days of Crystals this year!

How it works?

Each day from December 01 for 12 days, there will be a new crystal, item or bundle uploaded at a special price valid for the 12 Days of Crystals. Check back daily to see what's on special! Be warned, stock is LIMITED so you'll have to get them while you can!


Day 1: December 01

Medium/Large Tumbled Red Aventurine

Enhances creativity, prosperity, diffuses negativity, balances the male-female energies, and can also help to ground excess energies within the body.

Tumbled Red Aventurine


Day 2: December 02

Lapis Lazuli Polished Slabs: Specimen 4 and 5

Known as the "stone of heaven", Lapis Lazuli connects the physical and celestial kingdoms. Useful for balancing the Throat Chakra and fostering verbal expression.

Polished Lapis Lazuli Slabs Specimen


Day 3: December 03

Small, Natural Amethyst Points

Powerful and protective Amethyst is helpful to relieve stress, encourage inner strength and transmute lower vibrations to higher frequencies of love. Useful for insomniacs.

Dark Amethyst Points


Day 4: December 04

Healing Crystals Oracle and Card Decks

Decks available: Crystal Info 1-6, Zodiac 1-2, Animal Totem and Crystal Playing Cards. Buy one or buy the 10 pack wholesale bundle! Great for learning about crystals and having fun!

Healing Crystals Card Decks


Day 5: December 05

Mini & XS Clear Quartz Hearts

Useful to amplify any intentions of love, repel negativity or bring clarity and ease to relationships, partnerships and friendships.

Clear Quartz Hearts


Day 6: December 06

Clearing Items: Sage Bundles and Incense

Available: 3" - 4" and 8" - 9" Sage Bundles, as well as assorted boxes of Incense. Useful for clearing your space or crystals, and to lift the vibrations in any space.

Clearing Items: Sage Bundles and Incense


Day 7: December 07

Medium/Large Tumbled Aragonite

Aids rebirth, new ideas, astral travel, meditation, survival instinct and dream recall.

Tumbled Banded Aragonite


Day 8: December 08

Chakra Kits: 11pc Tumbled Set & 10pc Natural Chip/Chunks

Useful for balancing an overactive Chakra or bringing energy to an underactive Chakra.


Chakra Kits: 11pc Tumbled Stones Set and 10pc Natural Chip/Chunks Set


Day 9: December 09

Small, Medium & Large Natural Kyanite Blades

Encourages speaking one's truth, aligning the Chakras, opening psychic abilities, strengthening the aura and promoting astral travel. Great for performers.

Natural Blue Kyanite Blades


Day 10: December 10

Abundance Pack: XS Golden Tiger Eye & Small Green Aventurine Spheres

Golden Tiger Eye draws Spiritual energy down to the Earth, while still keeping you centered here on the ground. It brings brightness and optimism.
Green Aventurine comforts, harmonizes, and protects the heart, and can help attract love later in life. Green Aventurine is good for working with the Heart Chakra and with the Water Elements.
Together or apart, Golden Tiger Eye and Green Aventurine are helpful for manifesting ideas into reality, increasing luck and encouraging abundance.


Spheres for Abundance: Golden Tiger Eye and Green Aventurine


Day 11: December 11

All Salt Lamps

Salt Lamps are useful for bringing a beautiful glow to your space and uplift the vibrations as well as your mood.

Halite Salt Lamps


Day 12: December 12

Healing Crystals DIY Grid Kits

Crystal Grids combine Sacred Geometry, the language of the Universe with the amplifying and complementary powers of crystals. Useful for manifesting your intentions and goals to the Universe/Higher Sources.
Kits available: All-Purpose, Grounding, Vitality, Confidence, Prosperity, Love, Communication, Intuition Enhancing, General Healing and Protection.

Healing Crystals Grid Kits


Bonus Days: December 13-15

Missed any of the previous deals? Go ahead and get them as the sales remain valid until stocks last and until December 15, 2002!


*Valid until stocks last!

Posted on December 14, 2020

  great place thank you  (Submitted by: Carole on December 04, 2020)

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