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A member of the Mica Family (3 Items)
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Borates Mineral Class (9 Items)
Borosilicates Mineral Class (10 Items)
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Carbonates (41 Items)
Carbonates (Calcite Group) (2 Items)
Carbonates Mineral Class (3 Items)
Chrysoberyl (1 Item)
Complex (7 Items)
Complex Silicate (3 Items)
Corundum (2 Items)
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Elements (1 Item)
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Halides (15 Items)
Halides Mineral Class (25 Items)
Hydrated Sulfates (11 Items)
Hydroxides (20 Items)
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Metalloids (1 Item)
Mineraloids (50 Items)
Mineraloids Mineral Class (1 Item)
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Native Element (2 Items)
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Organic (Fossil) (5 Items)
Oxides (40 Items)
Oxides Mineral Class (21 Items)
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Phosphates (24 Items)
Phosphates (Vivianite Group) (2 Items)
Phyllosilicates (8 Items)
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Quartz Silicates (7 Items)
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Silicates (1347 Items)
Silicates Class (3 Items)
Silicates Mineral Class (456 Items)
Sorosilicates (3 Items)
Sulfates (20 Items)
Sulfides (18 Items)
Sulfides Mineral Class (4 Items)
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Tectosilicate (7 Items)
Tectosilicates (158 Items)
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Varies by Color (45 Items)
Varies by Type (10 Items)
Display out of stock items
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