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The following articles were added in the last 30 days.
1.Why Is It That I "Feel" The Energy Of The Crystals More When They Are New?
2.My Child Is Having Trouble Sleeping Through The Night
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5.Crystals for Seniors
6.Healing Crystals January 2018 Newsletter
7.Why Am I Having Strong Negative Feelings After Wearing My Crystals A Few Times?
8.Another Site States That Blue Kyanite Never Needs Cleansing. Your Site Says It Does. Which Is The Truth?
9.Looking To Adopt A Lemurian Quartz. How Do I Cleanse It? Is Direct Sunlight OK?
10.What Would Be A Good Stone To Help With Prostate Cancer?
11.Which Fluorite Is Best For Heightening Mental Abilities, Clairity, And Stability In Chaotic Situations?
12.I Would Like Crystals To Ward Off Negative Energy, Promote A Feeling Of Peace, & Combat Stress
13.How Can I Learn More About Healing With Crystals?
14.What Do You Call The Round, Dark Stone That Comes In Twos?
15.I Want To Grid My Home For Protection, Calm, Love, Abundance, Wealth, And Prosperity
16.I Hot Glued Two Small Opals Together. Did I Make A Mistake?
17.Can You Tell Me If This Combination Of Crystals Is OK And Won't Cause Any Negative Effects?
18.I Want To Get Married And Be More Spiritual, But I Also Have A Lot Of Sexual Thoughts That I Want To Control

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