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Workshops Series: Develop Your Intuition with Crystals (by B...
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Workshops Series: Develop Your Intuition with Crystals (by Brana) Parts 7 - 11
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Beginner's Reference Guide Main Page

Developing Your Intuition with Crystals Workshops -- Part 2: 7 -11

The goal of these mini-workshops, created and presented on our Facebook page by our Healing Crystals expert Brana, is to introduce you to working with crystals intuitively as well as to help you enhance your intuition through working with crystals.

We would usually do a few things together and then there was a mini-assignment to work on during the week and report back during the following session.

Make sure to cleanse your crystals using some of the methods mentioned here before and after working with them


Workshop #7 – Working with Energies of the New Moon

The New Moon is the time of the month when the Moon is positioned between the Earth and the Sun. The Sun illuminates the side of the Moon that we can not see from Earth at this moment.

Symbolically, this is a time for new beginnings, planting new seeds, reflecting on changes you may want to make in your life, a time for setting intentions, goals and affirmations for the next 30-day period . . .

This New Moon is in the Astrological sign of Cancer, which governs imagination, emotions, home, family, and also finances, and its key word is “nurturing".

Cancer is a Water element sign, so for this New Moon we will use three Water element crystals – Rose Quartz (for nurturing love), Amazonite (for nurturing personal truth) and Blue Lace Agate (to assist us in communication with our higher guidance).


It would be best to do this meditation with the sound of water in the background, if possible (water fountain, rain, or one of those a CD/MP3s with sounds of nature . . .)


Have your crystals ready and get a journal and a pen next to you. Ask the following questions:


1) While holding Rose Quartz ask: How can I be more nurturing?

Sit in silence for a while after asking and if you get an answer, write it down


2) While holding Amazonite ask: What new seeds can I plant at this time?

Sit in silence for a while after asking and if you get an answer, write it down


3) While holding Blue Lace Agate ask: What is the best affirmation for me right now to support the seeds I plant?

Sit in silence for a while after asking and if you get an answer, write it down

Seeds = new beginnings in any area of your life, goals, desires, intentions

Homework and Reading List

Reading list:

This site discusses how to use the energies of the Cancer Moon in great detail.

Understand the power of the New Moon and how it can help make your wishes come true.

This website is dedicated to Moon Astrology

Learn about the influence of the moon and its phases

Comprehensive list of the lunar goddesses



After reading the articles above, see if you feel like expanding the process, using some of the additional methods outlined in the articles.

For the next seven days meditate with Moonstone on the information you received tonight. See if any additional information, idea, or message comes through and write it down.


Workshop #8--Attracting the Energies of Abundance/Prosperity

Let’s get started by saying this sentence out loud:    


“Living an abundant and prosperous life”


What are the first images that came to mind as you read/said this sentence?

These are the things you want to focus on in order to invite abundance/prosperity into your life.

Abundance/Prosperity can be defined as a state of continual flow/influx of beneficial things and people to our lives. There are many ways to create this flow, and tonight we will focus on three exercises and two crystals—Citrine and Green Aventurine:

 1) Holding the images/visions of yourself & your family living your ideal life, take Citrine in your hand and write down whatever thoughts come to mind.

2) Be open to noticing synchronicities and blessings that you have received a) at key moments in your life and b) today. Write down at least three of each (and more if you can) now.

3) Take Green Aventurine in your hand and ask “what can I do to make things that are good for me grow abundantly in my life?” Write down the answers you receive.



1) Clearing clutter – Letting go of the old is essential in order to make room for the new. This week focus on releasing what no longer serves your highest good from your emotional world and releasing what we no longer need, use or find valuable from your physical environment.


 2) Make a grid of your choice using Citrine, Ruby, Garnet, Green Aventurine, Peridot, and/orPyrite in any combination that resonates with you


 3) Carry one of the above mentioned stones with you daily and repeat an abundance affirmation of your choice daily, at least every morning & night


 (Louise Hay has wonderful affirmations available in book or mp3 formats as well as on Youtube and various other Internet formats)


 4) Write a gratitude journal—find at least 10 things every day that you are grateful for and write them down in a journal dedicated for that purpose.


 5) Make a Vision Board


 5) See yourself stepping into your new abundant/prosperous life now . . .


Reading/Viewing List:


How to Create a Crystal Grid:


How to Clear Clutter

 (this is a long article and you’ll need to go through several pages in order to read the whole thing, but it is packed with step-by-step instructions & exercises and very motivational)


How to Make a Vision Board:


Workshop #9-Crystals for Energy Protection


This workshop is mostly for beginners in intuitive or crystal work.


Let’s begin with a quote from Judy Hall’s book Psychic Self-Protection (2009):


“Psychic self-protection is about creating a safe space in which to live, work and have your being. It creates healthy boundaries and a calm, quiet center in which to simply be. . . . Psychic self-protection creates a tranquil space in which others cannot disturb your equilibrium . . . “


You can try some of these exercises now, but it would be great to do them every day for a week and see if you notice a difference in your personal energy


1) Bubble of Light & Clear Quartz

One of the oldest forms of psychic protection is creating a Bubble of Light. Many intuitives & healers today are talking about different colored bubbles-- white & pink being the most common. Take a clear quartz crystal (doesn’t matter what size, shape or form), close your eyes, and imagine a bubble of light filled with Love and Divine energy forming around you. Have an intent that only energies that are good for you can come through and everything else bounces away from you. Do this now—as an experiment, and then at different times during the week when you feel you need it.

2) Grounding & Black Tourmaline

Another very important element to this is connecting to the energy of Earth through a conscious grounding practice (for those living in cities or in high rises) or walks in nature. Black Tourmaline is an excellent grounding mineral that assists in this, so carrying/wearing it provides immediate benefits.

3) Releasing the unwanted energies & Smokey Quartz

When you know that you might face an unpleasant situation or after you have already been through it, carry/wear Smokey Quartz—it draws the negative energy out of your field and sends it into the ground to be transmuted. Relax and feel the negativity be released & cleansed out of your aura. You may want to imagine a vacuum cleaner going methodically around your body and taking away all the impurities.

4) Blocking negative energy & Labradorite

While all of the minerals mentioned above also strengthen your personal energy field so that negative influences can not gain hold, Labradorite is one of the additional crystals to use when you feel you need a little something extra—such as when you know you’ll be facing unpleasant people or when you’ll be in big crowds (either just walking thought a big city, being on a bus, train, airport/airplane, etc) or facing large groups of people as presenter/teacher.




Do the exercises for a week and see if you notice a difference in your personal energy.

“Practice protection techniques in the spirit of fun, with a ‘let’s try this and see how it makes me feel’ kind of approach and trust that you are protected.” Judy Hall, Psychic Self-Protection: Using Crystals to Change Your Life (2009)


Reading/Viewing List:

Judy Hall’s book Psychic Self-Protection: Using Crystals to Change Your Life (2009)

Video on Energetic Protection


Mini Workshop #10: RELAXATION with Crystals

Many people have a hard time relaxing and unwinding after a stressful day. This mini workshop is designed for those times when you feel too wound up to do any of your regular relaxation techniques or meditations.

For this exercise we will use

Smokey Quartz...


Lithium Quartz

Rutilated Quartz


Sit in a comfortable position and put all those crystals in front of you.

Close your eyes, take three slow, deep breaths, and reach towards your crystals with your hand.

When your hand touches a crystal, take it in your hand, without opening your eyes, explore its surface with your fingers and then feel the crystal settle comfortably in the palm of your hand.

Focus on the energy of the crystal in your hand – is it getting warm, do you feel a pulsing, or maybe you can’t even feel the crystal in your hand anymore? Do you see any images or are you simply enjoying the feel of the crystal in your hand?

Now imagine all your worries/anxieties/problems leaving your body like fine dust and going into the Light and into the ground which instantly transmute them into pure, clean energy.

Next imagine that you are sitting or walking next to a beautiful waterfall/ocean/stream, imagine hearing the sounds of water and feel that your energy is purified and renewed. Stay there as long as you want . . .

When you open your eyes, write a few things down (your present feelings, the images/messages that may have appeared, affirmations that you want to remember . . . )

Repeat whenever you need a break.
Mini Workshop #11 -- Moving Forward

Taking the first step is sometimes hard. No matter what it is or where we need change in our life, big or small-- it can be scary.  We may be questioning whether we are ready, we may be doing the “what-if” worrying game, or we may feel we simply do not know where to begin.

One way to get out of this circle of questioning and step into action is with the help of crystals, specifically those for the Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus Chakras.

The crystals I recommend for this exercise are Red (Coral) Calcite, Black Tourmaline, orCarnelian. Those may be substituted with other Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakra crystals as your intuition guides you (for a list of those see

First cleanse your crystal, then take it in your hand and think of your goal.

Picture what scares you about getting to that goal and write it down.              

Now, hold your crystal or, alternately, place it behind your back (if you are sitting on a chair), and make a list of things you need to do to achieve that goal.

The moment you are done with the list do one item that is the easiest to do and that you can do right away.  When you are done cross it off.

Repeat this exercise the following day, choosing another action item from the list, with the help of the same crystal.

See how it goes and let us know if you have any questions. Enjoy the process!


Posted on July 14, 2013
  excellent exercises....#10 lifts all heaviness..feeling the flow from the stones is so drinking from a cold stream when your thirsty..quenches all desires..brings harmony to your aura and energizes inner self.. Would love to stay there longer.. substituted turquoise for Azurite .

Thank you for your guidance and encouragement
Judy  (Submitted by: Judy F on August 26, 2013)

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