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Why Can't I Feel Anything From My Crystals?
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Why Can't I Feel Anything From My Crystals?
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From: Sharon
Sent: Saturday, April 19, 2008 9:19 PM
Subject: Thanks for quick turnaround,your trying to help me with everything and being so nice hope to hear from you soon

I have not been working with them that long and the time put in is sparatic and random(I know this is my error)I have not put a decent amoun of time in a regular basis I just thought that I should feel something given the fact that I read alot of books and websites and followed everything they said the times I did try.I guess you should do it like every day or every other day,for awhile(I do not know how long is average and no one ever told me it might be subtle at first,I was told the first few times you many not feel anything so I did not even think about it till I had done it more then a few times,next I was told if you do not feel anything try and rub your hands together before trying to feel something,I do not know exactly what I am supposed to feel and even if I felt alittle something I know there is much more then that maybe it would help if you gave me some of the beginning info from you on how you started or what you felt or friends of yours or links that might me able to help me.I was also told that my Chakras being blocked especially my 3rd eye might be a reason why I am feeling this way,I tried to order your blue Kyanite Pendant with the chakra stones around it for cleaning and alligning your Chakras which I think is the best but it is sold out,all sizes.  I really appreciate all the help you have and are going to give me with this and the stamina info you are gonna give me for my realative,you are very nice


Dear Sharon~

Might I ask you exactly what you are expecting, or what your purpose is for working with crystals?

When I first began to work with crystals, I was already well into my spiritual work.  I had been meditating regularly for a couple of years when I thought of working with crystals, rather than just having them on display in my home.  Everyone's path and experience are individual and unique.  We are all looking all over the place for answers, even though they actually lie within ourselves.  We all look outside ourselves to see if someone else has what we're looking for, no one is ever satisfied with what they get, and sometimes they might even resent the person who tried to give it to them.  That is because another person cannot have what you need.  You must continue, every day, to call it forth from within yourself.  You can borrow supportive energies from symbols, items, or entities, and they can certainly help, but your reality is just that, and you create the masterpiece that is your life.  You alone can make it sacred.  It really is that simple and it is also that hard.  To some it seems to come so easy, while others have to work so hard at it.  Perhaps this has something to do with karma.  I've heard some say that real karma is simply ignorance.  In any case, the reward is certainly worth the time and effort.  It is all inner work that must be done to be able to manifest in the outer world.

For me, working with crystals is kind of like working with people.  They each have their own energetic signature, if you will, and a different "feel" to them, as do people.  If you spend a week or maybe even two, with only one crystal, you might begin to intuitively notice a unique sensation or perception of that crystal.  Then you will cherish that crystal, it will have meaning to you and it will be sacred.  The whole "relationship" has changed, and the energy-exchange between you and that crystal will as well.  

You indicated that you read numerous of books on crystals.  Have you noticed how many things in the various crystal books contradict each other from one book to the next? I believe this is because working with crystals is a deeply personal experience.  Many crystals display different properties for different people because energetic needs are different from one person to the next.  So two people may have a completely different experience with the same crystal!

I have certain crystals that I carry in my pocket quite regularly.  One crystal I often carry with me now seemed to "speak" to me in some way.  It is just a little, unassuming clear quartz crystal, but it came to me, and was meant to come to me.  I had been working with crystals for over a year when I acquired that little gem.  Most of the crystals I now work with regularly did not have any effects on me when I first got them. It took time, trying different things, before I ever noticed anything.  Sometimes an effect can be delayed, but then, immediate gratification is overrated.  You could spend an hour, meditating with your favorite crystal, and then later on, you might notice some incredible synchronicity that couldn't possibly be a coincedence.

I have a friend who has been doing this kind of work for several years, and aside from helping ease a headache, she says she doesn't ever feel anything from her crystals.  I contend that if she spends some time, working with them in earnest, that will change. There may be ways currently unfamiliar to you, in which you can experience a thing. Perhaps after spending some one-on-one time with a single crystal, you will find a new way to experience a crystal.  

I'm sorry we are out of the Blue Kyanite Chakra Pendant, but you might consider trying one of our other Chakra Pendants or perhaps our Chakra Assortments.  You can see those here:
and here:

However, if you want my personal advice, I think that you should start off with a decent-sized Clear Quartz Point, maybe Double Terminated if you are so inclined (GO WITH YOUR INTUITION).  Spend some good, quiet time with it, sleep with it in your hand or under your pillow, carry it around in your pocket, meditate with it, work with it exclusively. Give it a couple of weeks.  Try to be still and just gaze into it for some time.  Browse our Clear Quartz and see if anything attracts you.  If not, then look around in shops near you. Our Clear Quartz items start on this page:

You might also like our Inclusion Quartz Items to help you with meditation.  The more transparent ones are great for gazing.  You could sit with one of these in a dimly lit room, and maybe some light incense to enhance the reflective mood.  Take a look at those on this page:

One last crystal I was thinking of for you is Rutilated Quartz.  I love these crystals, and they seemed to help me when I was newer to crystals.  We carry some of those here (please read the description on the item page ;):

In the meantime, please stop reading everything right now, and take some time to clear your mind of all expectations and demands.  Try to remember that a stone is not going to just turn on and perform for you.  You give it meaning.  You make it sacred.  Your energy mingles with that of the crystal and makes it what it will become to you.  

Please remember to take a look at our newsletter articles and customer recommendations on the site.  You can find the newsletter articles here:
Our customer recommendations start on this page, and we have a advanced search function, so you can search them by topic:

You can also browse through our Metaphysical Directory starting on this page:

So...  I really hope this information helps you.  You must take the time to at least look over the these last two links to find more information, or to get ideas.  Also, please take the time to get to know an individual crystal.  This way, you can truly begin your crystal work on the right foot, and you'll also have a different kind of friend for life.

I wish you much luck on your crystal journey!

Brightest Blessings,

~Crystal CAT

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