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When I Placed My Little Bag of Crystals in My Pocket They Fe...
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When I Placed My Little Bag of Crystals in My Pocket They Felt Like They Were Draining Me?
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Here is a Question from One of Our Customers:

This is the first time I have ever purchased crystals from anyone, anywhere. I recieved this order and wore the rose quartz angel and put the rest of the order in a little bag in my pocket. Within a week I was feeling like I would die, It was awful, so I took the crystals out of my pocket and put them aside. It's almost two weeks later and I am feeling much better, but affraid to touch or wear the crystals... I ran water over all the crystals before carrying them. I would like to note that I was diagnosed with breast cancer less than a year ago and that is why I wore the rose quartz.

Why did these crystals drag the life out of me???? I would also like to note that without wanting to, I have seen auras and ghosts of people that I knew, but haven't experienced that for a long time. I want to wear my crystal quartz necklace and carry the crystals but very affraid to.


Dear K,
I must share the standard disclaimer that I am not a doctor and cannot give out medical advice. Crystals for healing should be used as a compliment to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care.

If you were carrying to many crystals at one time you may have overwhelmed your system and it went into a healing crisis. Try using one at a time in your pouch and see how that works. I think you will find that if you switch them off every day or so  you will have better luck. You may even find that one crystal will work better then the others.

If a person has been very ill, gone through a major surgery and their system is still weak, to many crystals at one time can stress your system as they try to accomplish all the healing required. In this case it is better to heal slowly and allow your system to regain some of its strength before sending it into another healing crisis. We all would like to feel better instantly but our bodies are a delicately balanced machine and can be thrown off if our normal state receives to much input to soon. Healing can best be accomplished by allowing the body to absorb any new input at a slower pace. As the body adapts to the new input then slowly add your new crystals, one at a time.
Roslyn Bohanan
Master Crystal Healer

"Privacy Statement: To help others learn, we typically post questions like yours to our online database of articles about crystal healing. We only use first names and take care to remove all last names and email addresses. If you prefer that we not post your first name or if you would prefer if we not to post your question at all, please let us know and we will be happy to accommodate your request for privacy."

Posted on September 09, 2011
  Another note, sometimes crystals can pick up energy from using them. By clearing them more often, even before each use, will help them to work better and clear any negative energies they have picked up. Hope the crystals work better for you!  (Submitted by: Stephanie Arnold on January 11, 2012)

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