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What is Vibration and how does it affect Me?
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What is Vibration and how does it affect Me?
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Subject: What is Vibration and how does it affect Me?
Date: 04/29/10
From: Kay
To: Healing Crystals

I have a question:

Occasionally I come across the term "vibration" in reference to crystals. What exactly is vibration and how would I use that information when deciding which crystals to use?

Thank you for your time and assistance. I love your site and enjoy your articles on Facebook.


Hi Kay,

Vibration can mean many things. Hitting a drum, for instance, displaces the air which in turn gives off sound. It can be scientifically measured, as in sound waves, which are a type of vibration.

Vibration can also be "a characteristic emanation, aura, or spirit that infuses or vitalizes someone or something and that can be instinctively sensed or experienced." I like this explanation best because it appeals to my spiritual nature. Science is not my cuppa tea :)

Here is how I think of it.

Everything is energy. This includes crystals, rocks, minerals, etc. There are many energies that merge into the specific energy of any crystal as it grows, including time, location, elements (air, water, heat, etc) as well as what other minerals/elements are growing around or with the crystals. Each action of the formation has energy. Each mineral element has energy. Each planetary element contains energy. Different areas of the planet hold different and unique energies, which will affect the crystal in its growth as well. All of these conditions formulate the energy of the crystal.

Energy, any energy, produces an energy field. This field has a specific vibration depending on a variety of factors (for instance, see the above paragraph). Crystals give off a type of electrical charge, i.e. energy. The energy vibrates at a certain measurable level.

"Physically, the body we inhabit, the emotions we feel, the sensations of taste and smell, touch and sound, are all different ways to experience energy. Energy (as we learned above) is vibratory in nature. We each have our own unique vibrational frequency. This frequency will shift and/or change depending on where we are at that particular moment and what we are experiencing.

If we are hurt or ill, our energy and its vibrational frequency may drop or decrease. We may say we feel “blue”, “drained”, or “down”.

If we get that job we wanted or receive a well-deserved complement, we may say we feel “in the pink”, “high” or “up”. This is due to an increase in our vibrational frequency. This is energy at work.

So, where we are at any one specific moment can help us decide what crystals to select, based on what we want our own energy field/vibration/frequency to be.

So using this basic information, say that I want to raise my vibration so that I can meditate effortlessly. I would choose a stone with a higher vibrational, so that by holding it, it would raise my own energy vibration, making it easier to get to that meditation space that I want to be in. In general, higher vibrational crystals would include those in the color range of greens, blues, turquoise to teal, purples, whites, golds and pinks.

Now say I am having a most overwhelming day. I am bouncing all over the place and accomplishing nothing. I cannot seem to stay focused on any one task. I would want to choose a stone with a lower vibrational color to pull my energy down a bit, one to ground and balance me. Something that will allow me to focus. Grounding and/or balancing crystals would include reds, oranges, yellows, blacks, browns and metallics."
– Excerpt from Stepping Stones to Crystal Basics: The Crystal Communication Course

I hope this helps to give you a sense of what vibration can mean. It is always a good idea when you work with a crystal to write down how it makes you feel physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc. If you feel heat or cold in a certain area of the body, tingles, pin pricks... all of these things can help you to understand how the vibration of the crystal affects the energy vibration/frequency of your body.

With love and crystal blessings,


Posted on May 04, 2010
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