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What Do My Crystals Heal?
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What Do My Crystals Heal?
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Subject: What Do My Crystals Heal?
Date: 05/24/10
From: Anonymous
To: Healing Crystals

Please send detailed description of what each stone is suppose to heal:

- Apache Tears
- Rose Quartz
- Fluorite

Please tell me if it's okay to have all the stones together in a bag and if it's okay to carry them all together without causing negative energy.





Good Morning,

What I am listing below are general issues/ailments, but I believe this will give you a great starting point in working with your crystals. The information below provided courtesy of The Gemstone Healing Guide, A Healing Apothecary (Second Edition)
ISBN 978-0-557-13960-6

Amethyst is generally healing on all levels (physical, emotional, spiritual)
Physically - Acne, Addictions, AIDS, Cancer, Detoxification, Emphysema, Headaches/Migraines, hearing disorders, Insomnia, strengthens immune system, Pain, Parkinson's Disease, Stomach disorders, Stress, tumors
Emotionally - Anger and/or Aggression (dissolves),Anxiety, Calm (increases), OCD, Panic attacks, Depression, Grief, removes negative thoughts, calms rage, uplifts
Spiritually (Higher self) - acceptance, clairaudience, shifts in consciousness, transition, dreams, higher realms, intuition, Karma, meditation

Apache Tears help to absorb/remove negativity and protects on all levels (physical, emotional, spiritual)
Physical - Arthritis, Detoxification, Grounding, Joint Pain, Grounding,
Emotional - Grief, Forgiveness, Compassion, reduces Fear, Patience, removes/relieves stress
Spiritual - Clarity, Protection, shielding

Rose Quartz is all about love, on every level (physical, emotional, spiritual)
Physical - Addiction, Adrenal glands, Alzheimer's, burns, circulatory system, dementia, fertility, kidneys, love, lungs, pain, parkinson's disease, stress, tension, trauma, vertigo
Emotional - forgiveness, grief, love, removes negativity, peace, self forgiveness, self worth/esteem, trauma
Spiritual - Compassion, empathy, heart healing, love

Fluorite heals on all levels (physical, emotional, spiritual)
Physical - Arthritis, colds/flu, DNA damage, eyes, grounds, headaches/migraines, infections, lung disease, sinusitis, stomach issues, stress/tension, teeth, throat, wounds, vitality
Emotional - creativity, concentration, despair, emotional healing, emotional trauma, removes/absorbs negativity,
Spiritual - meditation, awakening, protection, stabilizes energy, auric cleanser/energizer, communication with higher self/guides

It is perfectly okay to carry a variety of stones all in one bag. The energies will not cause any type of negative energies. Crystal energies work very well together on all levels.

My only caution would be on a physical level. For instance, if some stones are softer than others, you may want to take precautions that they do not hit against each other causing any damage (nicks, dings, chips, etc). With the selection you have chosen here, I think you will be just fine :)

With love and crystal blessings,

Kristi Huggins
Expert Contributor for Healing Crystals

Posted on May 25, 2010
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