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What Crystals are Good for January Birthdays?
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What Crystals are Good for January Birthdays?
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Here is a question from one of our customers:

Q:  What crystals are good for January birthdays?


Dear I,
You are an Aquarius. Aquarians have an affinity with Aquamarine and Amethyst. Aquarians are those people who see what they want and are most efficient at bringing about their desires. They also have an affinity to Amber, Moonstone, Angelite, and Fluorite. Any one of these stones will work as a personal birthstone for you. Just choose which one you resonate to the most.


Posted on February 08, 2011
  This is great! I'm an Aqua Mars, N.node, and MC. Amber's jive well with me. That is a very good point about astrology and wearing stones. It's more than just the Sun sign. I also don't believe in rules like only this Sun sign can wear this stone. boo! I've herd that it is only lucky for Libra's to wear opals. I did wear opals earrings for a short period of time once. And just like that I lost one of them. So I couldn't help but think there might be truth in that. I wore fire opals and really liked how I felt. But then I let my mom wear them and she lost one. Ugh. I also read that Opals are not good for people with an unstable character. I have no Libra or 7th house influences in my chart. Pearls suite me well even though I'm an Aries Sun. but that is the only fire I have in my chart. I have more water than fire. (Scorpio Moon, Venus Pisces, Jupiter Cancer, Pluto Scorpio) Oh yes I notice that upping my jewelry and stones really helps when I have so many opposition transits going on.  (Submitted by: Stawr on August 23, 2012)
  Crystals do not have any logical connection with Sun zodiac sign!
What is the base to add one crystal to one zodiac sign?
Place of crystal birth? We do not know exact time of growth.
Colour? So many crystals have various colours, and ofthen has more than one colour in same gemstone. Jasper has more than 10 variations. Agate more than 10 too...
Way of growth? Crystals gorw with crystalization, recrystalization, lava cooling, sedimentation etc.. no way...
Same crystal can grow on different way.
By healing properties? One crystal have various properties, and programing focus it on one, without programing, crystal work on many levels on human energy.

When astrology and crystals are to be mentioned, significant for stones is Saturn, and for jewel stones is Venus, no other connection.
Moldavite as green crystal, belong to the third eye chakra, because of it origin, and does not fit into that baseless theory. There are more cases that disaprove that basless Sun sign -crystal theory.

Some for bussines inteligent astrologyst even use that to sell books, selling a fog. Usually they even do not know logical connection in astrology and crystalotherapy and goes by their ego building opinion..
And many astrologysts wanting to be involved in everything, who did not have knowlege of crystalotherapy, knowing that is an very, very deep and whide feeld, have tryed to insert crystalotherapy in astrology, unfortunately succesful for profane audience.
In Vedic astrology, there are only several crystals metioned. Rubby, saphire, corunds mostly..

But! when we talk about crystals and astrology, crystals can help for bad asepects in natal chart, or even better for bad transits, suggesting crystals by problem, but there is no logic in adding them to zodiac sign, it is pure marketing trick for better sell of crystals. And smarth astrologyst can use crystals to help, but not making choice by basless theory crystal-sun zodiac sign.
For exaple, Square between Mercury and Pluto can make us be rude in communication, there we have Andaluzite (Hiastolite) etc.. I gave that exaple, astrologysts know that it does not have to be only about communication..

Astrology is an old sience and is beautiful, but story about crystals and zodiac signs have no proof in their relation by astrology. Or they have, dependig of how big ego of astrologyst is, or better how less orbis between Sun and Mercury in connuction astrologyst natal chart is..

I work for so many years with crystals, as astrologyst I have education too.
Unfortunately new-age aproach to very old culture and sience has made mess, and moved both siences astrology and crystalotherapy in an corner where they both do not belong.

Sorry for my bad english, it is not my native language.
Marko  (Submitted by: Marko on February 08, 2011)

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