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What Crystals Would You Recommend for Personality Disorders,...
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What Crystals Would You Recommend for Personality Disorders, OCD, Anger and ADD/ADHD?
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Dear C,

Thank you for your inquiry. To get the most benefit out of the crystals they would work best in conjunction with other complimentary healing modalities and allopathic medicine.*


Here are recommendations from our archives:

 "Agate. This stone can bring up old memories and will help in confronting repressed memories but should be used with the help of a qualified therapist. Agate is also used to treat skin disorders.

The next stone I recommend is Azurite.  As a powerful healer this stone gives you a psychosomatic understanding of how the mind, emotional and physical body are connected and how each can affect the other. Azurite challenges you to face your views of reality and release old programs and patterns so you may move on without fear. Physically Azurite treats skin disorder and aid in detoxification."


"For OCD I really like Ametrine. The combination of Amethyst and Citrine is really helpful to those with OCD. The Amethyst is very calming, soothing, relieves stress and gives a sense of inner peace which may ease the intense obsession/compulsions. The Citrine also promotes an inner calm and helps the holder to feel a sense of stability, which is very important for an OCD personality (many times, that's why they do what they do ritualized behavior to find a sense of stability).

Another piece I would like to suggest is Lepidolite. Known as "the stone of transition", Lepidolite helps shift and restructure old energy patterns and brings light and hope to a situation. Use Lepidolite to reduce stress associated with change. The calming nature of Lepidolite can help one to enter a deep meditative state. Lepidolite is helpful for releasing emotional and energetic blockages, and can can be helpful to those with ADD, OCD, or Bipolar disorder."


"Amethyst is the first stone that comes to mind.  It is a peaceful, calming stone that can help bring spiritual energies into one's life, to bring insight and to help with intellectual difficulties.  Amethyst is often used to help with overall brain function, aiding in the assimilation of new input.

Smokey Quartz can be a great crystal to use in combination with Amethyst. It has the wonderful healing energies of Quartz, but can calm the emotions and ground scattered energies, which is good for hyperactivity.  Smokey Quartzcan clear out energy blockages, bringing a greater flow and balance to the subtle bodies.  It also works to consolidate energies into one purpose, thereby enhancing focus and concentration.  Many people like to work with Smokey Quartz because it helps them to release extraneous vibrations and patterns that are not conducive to well being.  It too, can be helpful for achieving a deeper state of consciousness for meditation, due to the many veils and fractures that can often be seen inside the crystal.

Green Tourmalineis said to be good for hyperactivity, and for improving concentration.  It is a healing stone of the Heart Chakra that promotes the implementation of one's creativity.  It can aid in balancing the hemispheres of the brain, which contributes to focus.  It can transmute negative energies into positive, bringing patience and compassion."


" Moldaviteis good for sensitive people who find it difficult to be on earth.  Moldavite with Hematiteis a good combination because it facilitates both integration and grounding. Sugulite helps sensitive people ground in the present and helps with learning difficulties."

Borderline Personality and Anger Control:

I would suggest Lithium Quartz to bring in a tranquil energy, Blue Calcite for Calming and  Lepidolitefor balance.

For any of these challenges I would suggest carrying the crystals in pockets, having them by the bedside at night, during the day they can be placed by a desktop or even under a chair. Using the crystals under a mattress or pillow would also help.

If the person is able to wear jewelry, I would suggest wearing aLithium Quartz Pendant along with an Amethyst necklace.

I hope that this information can be of assistance and that crystals grace your journey with love and light.

Crystal Blessings!


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*Disclaimer – Crystals are not a medical treatment and should not be used as a replacement for medical care. Please consult your healthcare specialist for your particular needs

Posted on April 27, 2012
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